Finished! Students, Faculty Wrap Up Winter Term 2014

March 16, 2014

From steel drums in the snow to final exams, snapshots of Knox at the end of the term.

Snow in the Caribbean -- maybe once a century? Calypso Chaos comes around every year on the last day of winter term at Knox. Music faculty Jeremy Day-O'Connell and Sarah Day-O'Connell perform a series of short compositions, written by students in a Music Theory course. For photos from the concerts, visit the set on the Knox Flickr channel.


Students meet on Reading Day
In between the end of classes and start of final exams, students use Reading Days to review material; this group meets in Seymour Library to plan for their in-class presentation in philosophy.


Acting Class
Last day of class in the theatre course Acting Period Style, students discuss their Shakespeare monologues with Liz Carlin Metz, Smith V. Brand Endowed Chair in Theatre Arts. The course covered Shakespeare, Restoration theatre and theatre of the absurd. For 10 photos from the class and student monologues, check out this set at the Knox Flickr channel.


Student in psychology lab
Students are not the only ones who stress over tests. Here a student plays with a rat, helping it relax before  conducting tests in a psychology lab during the last week of the term. For eight more photos from this lab, visit the Flickr set.


Chemistry Class Makes Ice Cream
Organic chemistry is a challenging course -- covering a lot of complex material. Students celebrated the last day of the term by making ice cream in class: add ice, salt, milk, agitate in plastic bags until frozen. Enjoy!


Chinese Class Presentations
Students in a Chinese class perform a song in Chinese, one of several skits that made the end of their term a lot of fun. The dozen students in this class hvae been together for several terms of Chinese language study -- it's easy to cut loose with friends! See 18 more photos from this class in a set at the Knox Flickr channel.


Pause for PAWS - Knox College
Employees bring their dogs to campus for a get-together with students -- Pause for PAWS --  on the last day of classes. Close to 300 students enjoyed the event this term. For more on this event, see the news story or set of 20 photos on the Knox Flickr channel.


Biology class final exam
If you want, you can take your final exam in a big classroom. Here, biology professor Stuart Allison distributes final exams in Biology 120 on March 14. Or if you want, you can take your final exam all by yourself; rules for taking tests are spelled out in "Responsibilities of Students," in the Knox College Honor Code.


Students in the class Dance Theory and Improvisation perform their final project in Seymour Library.


Free Stress Balls for Final ExamsFree Stress Balls for Final ExamsFree Stress Balls for Final Exams Free Stress Balls for Final Exams

Students in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship give away colorful end-of-the-term goodie bags that included smiley-face stress squeeze balls, in the Seymour Union Gallery. Scroll to the right to see how students handle varying levels of stress...