Knox College Honors Young Poets

Awards presented during 2012 Sandburg Days Festival

April 24, 2012

Sandburg Days 2012Knox College honored four young authors in the 2012 Knox College Sandburg Days Poetry Competition. The award presentation was held Saturday, April 21, as part of Galesburg's annual Sandburg Days Festival.

Poems were judged by Knox College faculty. The 1st place winners received a cash award of $50 and a gift bag from Knox College. The 2nd place finalists received $25 and a gift bag from Knox.

Winners in Division 1, grades 5-6; and Division 2, grades 7-8, with their poems and schools, are:

Division 1, 1st Place
What is Blue?
by Myah R. Bastian, Churchill Junior High

Blue is calm
As a flag with no wind
On an early summer day.
Blue is the deepest sea
With angry waves crashing during a storm
Blue is a guardian and a soul,
An ice block, a bluebird, a lake.
The sound of blue is
Drip, drip, drip.
Blue is a sapphire
Sitting in a mine,
Calm and patient,
Waiting for its time.
Blue is the sky
So big and bold
Not knowing where it ends
But filled with adventures yet untold.
Blue Is cold on a winter night
And in the flame that warms it,
So big and bright.

Division 1, 2nd Place
by Madeline DeSutter, Costa Catholic Academy

The chickens Lay the eggs,
We weigh the
Eggs. We sell
The eggs, they
Make the eggs.
We collect the
Eggs, they miss the
Eggs. We hatch
The eggs, they
Lay more eggs.

Division 2, 1st Place
My Angel
by Megan Sperry, R.O.W.V.A. Junior High School

A falling angel means something lovey-dovey.
My falling Angel is not.
She is a peach, with a hard core,
fighting for her wings.
My Angel still has her halo,
riding on a tall giraffe.
One day she will soar above the clouds.
But for now, she hugs her wings close.

Division 2, 2nd Place
Ghost Light
by Taylor Porter, Costa Catholic Academy

Alone and stilled, the ghost light stands
On center stage, bringing light to the phantoms
In the deserted theatre. The distant mumble of lines,
And the hushed sounds of the orchestra can almost be
Heard in the dull glisten of the ghost light. You can almost
See the silence, and feel the darkness.
During every performance, the ghosts relax in the
Balcony, amused by our mortal delights. And they
Can feel alive again by seeing our emotions of
Anxiety, sadness, and joy by watching the actors
But as the crowd leave the theatre, the ghosts
Remember that they are not alive, and then they
Circle around the ghost light, to try to feel the
Warmth of happiness again.