Loudon '15 Selected for Prestigious Kemper Scholars Program

June 15, 2012

2012 Kemper Scholar Molly LoudonMolly Loudon, a first-year Knox College student from Lincoln, Nebraska, has been chosen for the highly selective Kemper Scholars Program, which provides students with scholarships, practical experience, and opportunities to explore careers.

The program is operated by The James S. Kemper Foundation, whose mission is to promote liberal arts education as the ideal preparation for life and work, especially in administration and business.

As a Kemper Scholar, Loudon will receive scholarships of up to $10,000 for each of the next three years. She also will attend the annual Kemper Scholars Conference for three years, starting in summer 2012, and complete two summer internships -- one with a non-profit organization and the other with a for-profit business.

"Molly will learn a great deal and be exposed to a world of opportunity through the Kemper Scholars Program," said Knox College faculty member John Spittell, professor of business & management and executive-in-residence -- and advisor to the Kemper Scholars Program at Knox.

Loudon, who plans to major in art and double-minor in business and management and Spanish, is designing her own independent study in creative entrepreneurship for fall term 2012. Another Kemper Scholar, Knox graduating senior Krista Anne Nordgren, has helped Loudon with the designing process.

"This scholarship has made me think a lot more about my future plans because it's giving me so many choices of what I can do," Loudon said. "Right now, I'm thinking I want to become fluent in Spanish so I can study abroad, do an international internship in a Spanish-speaking country, graduate, and serve in the Peace Corps in a Spanish-speaking country."

Eventually, she hopes to open a business that has "some tie to art."

"I use that term loosely because you can apply art to almost anything," Loudon said. "It's just a different way to see ordinary things." In her view, the worlds of art and business are connected by "creative thinking."

Loudon became aware of the Kemper Scholars Program through an informational session that was part of Knox College's annual Fall Institute.

Other current Knox students who are Kemper Scholars are Anna Novikova, Hannah Basil, Alyssa Gill, and Max Potthoff.

During her first year at Knox, Loudon has been involved with several extracurricular activities, such as lacrosse, Student Senate, and the Reading Buddies volunteer program. (Photo below: Molly Loudon, fourth from right in the back row, with other members of the Knox women's lacrosse team.)

Loudon said she decided to attend Knox because it stood out among liberal arts schools.

"There's a focus (here) on creative learning, and all of the professors are dedicated to each student's learning," she said. "They want each student to succeed."

2012 Kemper Scholar Molly Loudon