Rozina Kidari's Top 5 Moroccan Foods

October 25, 2010

1. Chicken Pastilla

This is my all-time favorite dish! Chicken covered in a powdered sugar pastry.

2. Meat & Vegetable Tajine with Couscous

"Tajine" is the word for the dish many Moroccans use to serve their meals in. Unlike in an American home, Moroccans typically serve the family meal in one giant, shared tajine. Everybody sits around a circular table and eats from the section of the dish in front of him/her.

3. Kefta

The best way to describe this dish would be meat balls/patties. Kefta is served in different ways, but my favorite is in a tajine with eggs on top.

4. Melwi

This is almost like a fried tortilla. Sometimes melwi is served with honey for a breakfast meal, and sometimes it is filled with beef and vegetables. So good!

5. Mint Tea & Shebakia

If you go to Morocco, there is NO way you will leave without having a glass (or 3 or 600) of mint tea! Moroccans invite you into their home with this amazing, sweet tea. People also visit or relax after a meal with a glass or two and if you make it to the souk (open-air market), you'll most likely get the chance to bargain for jewelry or other merchandises over a glass of the notable, amazing beverage.

Shebakia is a sweet Moroccan treat covered in sesame seeds--my favorite little cookie (well, kind of a cookie...) that is often served with a hot glass of mint tea.