Knox Students, Faculty, Alumni Join Community Theatre Production

Prairie Players: "Pirates of Penzance"

July 24, 2012

The excitement was contagious backstage at The Orpheum Theatre in Galesburg, as Prairie Players Community Theatre geared up for their summer 2012 production of the comic operetta The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan, July 20-22.

The show had a cast and crew numbering movre than 65, including 16 Knox students, faculty, and recent graduates. Photographers Peter Bailley '74 and Kelly Eigenberger '13 followed several in the cast and crew backstage and in rehearsal.

"We have some wonderfully talented Knox students who are employing their education by designing the costumes, serving as stage manager, actors, and sound design. It is a wonderful mix of college and community coming together," said Kurt Killam, director, in an interview with the Galesburg Register-Mail.

The 30-member cast featured recent Knox graduates Alex Lindgren, Isaac Miller, Alex Shi, and Pier Debes; and one current student, John Budding, as pirates and policemen.

Behind the scenes were recent graduates Sam Newport, Liz Picurro, and Ivy Reid; current students Franzesca Mayer, Miranda Loeber, and Marta Gulyash; and faculty members Jill Marasa and Margo Shively.

Knox students, faculty, and alumni in Pirates of Penzance:

Name Year/Affiliation Role/Position
John Budding 2013 Patrick Two-Patch
Pier Debes 2010 Samuel
Laurel Filzen Faculty French Horn
Mitch Fischer 2016 No-Beard Ned
Alex Lindgren 2012 Sparky/Nigel
Miranda Loeber 2014 Assistant Costume Designer
Marta Gulyash 2013 Orchestra: Keyboard
Jill Marasa Faculty Orchestra: Clarinet
Franzesca Mayer 2013 Costume Designer
Isaac Miller 2012 Murdergut
Samantha Newport 2011 Assistant Director
Elizabeth Picurro 2012 Stage Manager
Ivy Reid 2012 Microphone Assistant
Arnold Salgado 2013 Assistant to the Director
Alex Shi 2010 Pirate
Margo Shively Faculty Costume Consultant