Knox College for Kids Begins

Arts, humanities, mathematics and science, June 11-22

June 12, 2012

Knox College for Kids 2012 opened Monday, June 11 with registration, an assembly for more than 250 students and their families, and the first day of classes. Knox College for Kids photography by John Williams '12

Offered since 1975, Knox College for Kids this year features 49 courses in the fine arts, humanities, languages, social science, mathematics and the natural sciences. Classes continue through June 22.

In addition to focused classes for grades three through eight, a junior program for first and second grade students offers an integrated experience in literacy, numeracy, movement, and the arts.

Knox College for Kids courses are taught by faculty from Knox College and master teachers from local schools. Knox College students serve as teaching assistants through the REACH Fellows Program.

Support for Knox College for Kids 2012 includes a grant for student scholarships from Wells Fargo Bank. Knox College for Kids also receives support from the Latino Area Resource Group, Support Group African-American Affairs, and The Cole Baily Scholarship.