Huffington Post - Knox Is a Top Ten 'Best Kept Secret' in Higher Ed

Survey finds colleges that "place a firm emphasis on learning"

September 23, 2010

Knox College is one of the "Top 10 Best-Kept Secrets" in American higher education, according to rankings published on the Huffington Post website.

Knox is listed by the Huffington Post in "10 Colleges You Should Know About" -- as a school that "flies under the radar," provides a "superior educational experience," and where current and past alumni have been so satisfied that they've "pointed us in [Knox's] direction."

In addition to Knox, the other schools are Bard College, Denison University, Hampshire College, Harvey Mudd College, Kenyon College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Reed College, Sarah Lawrence College, and Wabash College.

Huffington PostThe Huffington Post listing was compiled by, which calls the schools "hidden gems" based on survey data from more than 30,000 students. Unigo said that Knox and the others in the top 10 are "institutions that never get the fanfare, but still provide a superior educational experience."

"Knox might be a 'best-kept secret', but those who are 'in the know' -- such as graduate and professional schools, high-profile employers, and Knox alumni and students -- understand the benefits of a Knox education," says Paul Steenis, Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission.

"A Knox education features a rigorous curriculum, close one-on-one mentoring by a world-class faculty of scholars and researchers, and opportunities to apply what you learn through internships, research, or experiential learning," Steenis says. "These make Knox one of the best preparations for success in any future endeavors. Simply put, Knox alumni understand and appreciate that Knox changes lives."

Unigo's data includes comments from current Knox students and Knox alumni. Comments from the Unigo site about Knox include:

  • "'One characteristic Knox requires of all students is curiosity,' writes a senior majoring in biology with a minor in photography, and a number of Knox students design custom-tailored interdisciplinary or independent majors. 'Most professors are dedicated, fair, and enthusiastic' and are on a first-name basis with their students, taking an interest in them and their studies long after the semester ends."
  • Knox "makes an effort to connect in-class contemplation to real-world career options."
  • "'Knox focuses on learning for its own sake, but also has job placement and viable marketing techniques to make sure. Regardless of your major, you have numerous opportunities upon graduation,' writes a recent alumna."
  • A student writes: "You must be self-motivated to succeed here and creative in order to fully experience everything the school has to offer. Definitely visit before you make your decision, and talk to students; we are generally friendly, if a little awkward, and it will give you a better idea if 'You are Knox.'"