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Galesburg Native Explores Knox Connections

Senior capstone project profiles alumni with strong local bonds

October 25, 2010

Galesburg is KnoxThis Web section is adapted from a senior capstone project written and produced by Knox College student and Galesburg native Matthew Wheaton '10. "Galesburg Is Knox: Breaking the Bubble" was distributed in Knox County Neighbors, thanks to support from Mary Jo '62 and Bud '63 Potter.

Read a special message from Knox College president Roger L. Taylor about Wheaton's project. Click here to download the print edition of "Galesburg is Knox."

In 1837, groups led by George Washington Gale founded Galesburg, Illinois and Knox College. For the past 173 years, Knox and the city of Galesburg have had close ties. However, over time, each community has distanced itself from the other. Knox students call this phenomenon "the Knox bubble." Many individuals in the Knox community and in Galesburg do not see through the "bubble." They don't realize that Galesburg is Knox and Knox is Galesburg.

The Knox community reaches beyond the borders of the 90-acre campus and includes the Galesburg community. The interconnectedness between Knox and Galesburg helps each other thrive. Members of the Galesburg community attend functions at Knox and vice versa. Knox purchases everything they can in Galesburg. Knox grads own businesses in the ‘Burg and help stimulate Galesburg's economy by purchasing products in Galesburg, employing Galesburg residents who also purchase goods here, and supporting Galesburg organizations by giving donations. Both communities flourish because of the other.

I'm hopeful that the stories contained in this magazine which are written by me, Matthew Wheaton, will allow individuals in both the Galesburg community and the Knox community to break through the "bubble." I want members of both communities to realize that they are connected to each other at the hip. We all have wishes, hopes and dreams. Perhaps, those of you who read my stories will be motivated to walk down a similar path. It doesn't matter where you came from, it is about where you are going, and Knox can give you the freedom to flourish. The people written about come from different backgrounds like yourselves, but they have a common bond: Knox.

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