Electric Car Supports Community Service

Grant from PNC Foundation to help KnoxCorps students travel to local non-profits

November 27, 2013

Electric car and charging station

Knox College students traveling to community service jobs in Galesburg are benefitting from a newly acquired electric car, provided by a grant from the PNC Foundation.

The $10,000 grant allowed Knox to lease a new Nissan Leaf and install a charging station on campus. The car will be shared by students in the KnoxCorps program, traveling to non-profit organizations where the students are working.

"Knox College is pioneering an environmentally sound solution to support its student volunteerism and community support," said Doug Stewart, PNC Bank regional president for central Illinois. "PNC is focused on sustainability, from financing renewable energy projects to providing funding for green community projects and introducing green building solutions in our business."

"Knox is grateful for the grant from PNC, which will ensure that KnoxCorps Fellows and KnoxCorps Associates have adequate transportation to their placements in the Galesburg community," said Karrie Heartlein, director of Government and Community Relations.

The car also will be available to other Knox students engaged in community service projects.

Below: KnoxCorps fellow Kassandra Sullivan clears snow from Nissan Leaf, as car charges in campus parking lot.

Student clears snow from electric car