Elections 2012: Knox Class Takes Multi-faceted Approach

Students will study presidential elections, blog about what they learn

September 21, 2012

Elections 2012: Andrew Civettini

Knox College students and faculty are taking a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary approach as they examine U.S. presidential elections during the fall term course, Election 2012.

Several students in the course will write for a new blog -- also called Election 2012 -- describing their experiences and what they learn in class.

Election 2012 is team-taught by eight Knox faculty members from seven different academic departments, including political science, history, economics, and computer science. Each of the participating faculty members will lecture on a specific topic, allowing students to consider the 2012 election from multiple viewpoints.

A broad range of issues will be discussed, including same-sex marriage, health care, and the media. During the term, students will discuss and learn about various processes, issues, and dynamics in the elections, with a special focus on the current election cycle of 2012.

The faculty members teaching the class are Andrew Civettini, assistant professor of political science (pictured at top of page); Carol Scotton, associate professor of economics and business and management; Katherine Adelsberger, the Douglas and Maria Bayer Endowed Chair in Earth Science; Duane Oldfield, associate professor and chair of political science; Jaime Spacco, assistant professor of computer science; Catherine Denial, associate professor of history; David Amor, instructor of journalism and anthropology-sociology; and Kelton Williams, assistant professor of educational studies.

Keep checking the blog for further updates.

Elections 2012: blog