Class of 2017 Legacies

September 13, 2013

There's no better stamp of approval for a college than when its alumni send their children to their alma mater. And at Knox, 42 members of the Class of 2017 were legacies, or students who followed a relative to Knox.

2017 Legacy Students

Students (left to right)
Front Row: Veronica Lupo, Lady Lira, Alyana Eastman, Padraig Sullivan, William Frohling, Mary Wozencraft, Allie Whitehill, Mary Houlihan, Crystal Singletary

Second row: Leala Eastman, Maya Klem, Daniel Donnelly, Ellen Sheely Fischer, Max Wallace, Will Fuller, Abby Haslem, Miranda Hallmark

Third row: Mia Kosmicki, Kylie Behnke, Daniel Miller, Max Bonder, Danny Mateling, Lauren Bird, Dan Ives.

2017 Legacy students and relatives who attended Knox

Students and Family (left to right)
Front Row: Leala Eastman, Alyana Eastman, Mark Sullivan, E. Quita Sullivan '83, Denise Wozencraft, Branden Donnelly, Jane Rodda, Allie Whitehill, Byron Wallace '86, Shyla Wallace, Mary Houlihan, Jeanmarie Kelly, Thomas Houlihan, Richard Singletary, II

Second row: Chip Eastman, Randal Bolz, Lady Lira, Padraig Sullivan,Sean Frohling '10, William Frohling, Megan Donnelly, Darcy Wallace, Tess Wallace, Andrea Houlihan '11, Crystal Singletary, Miranda Hallmark

Third row: Robert Eastman, Ann Klem, Robert Klem '86, Maya Klem, Bill Wozencraft, Daniel Donnelly, Glenda Garrison Miller '85, Linda Sheely Fischer '77, Ai Miller '16, Ellen Sheely Fischer, Karen Mateling, Max Wallace, Janis Falk, Abby Haslem, Cassandra Booker-Lambert '86, Eloise Unger Hallmark '84.

Fourth row: Deyanira Lira, Veronica Lupo, Mia Kosmicki, Kerry Flanigan Frohling '86, Danny Mateling, Cielo Bonder, Anna Bonder, Meghan Wallace, Kate Haslem '13, Lauren Bird '13, Barry "the Boom" Booker, Jay Ives

Fifth row: Elizabeth Baker, David Lupo, Kylie Behnke, Bob Behnke '82, Daniel Miller, Max Bonder, Chris Bonder, John Mateling, Chuck Schulz '72, Will Fuller, Chris Fuller, Greg Bird '82, Judy Jeziorny Bird '84, Dan Ives, Dan Ives, Jr.

Class of 2017 Athlete Legacies

Student Athletes (left to right)
Front Row: Aly Eastman '17, Gabe Moreno '14, Danielle Fraser '17, Sophia Moreno '17, Margo Stanger '17, Joe Chirbas '17

Second Row: Andrew Paul '15, Jacob Paul '17, Holly Bieber '17, Connor Niemiec '17, Jordan Zanger '16, Jared Zanger '16

2017 Athlete Legacies with their families

Student Athletes and Family (left to right)
Front Row: Alex Fraser, Danielle Fraser, Alex Moreno '93, Sophia Moreno, Debbie Moreno '89, Margo Stanger, Ann Stanger '85, Jim Stanger '85

Second Row: Dan Fraser, Maria Fraser, Jeff Niemiec, Connor Niemiec, Mary Niemiec

Third Row: Mary Bieber, Cindy Paul, Jordan Zanger, Jared Zanger, Joe Chirbas, David Chirbas

Fourth Row: Aly Eastman, Chip Eastman, Holly Bieber, Roger Bieber, Andrew Paul, Jacob Paul, Karen Zanger, Greg Zanger

Legacy Students Not In Photo
Bashar Battrawi, Megan Binkley, Emily Porter, Alex Reddington, Emily Rosen, Morgan Skinner, Maebh Sutton, Ian Tully, Emma Van Steenwyk, Trevor Willett