Catch Literary Magazine Wins Prestigious Award

Contest judge: It's the "very best undergraduate literary magazine in the country"

June 04, 2014

Catch magazine

by Ashley Wolfgang ‘14

Knox College's student literary magazine, Catch, has won a 2014 National Program Directors' Prize from the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) for the outstanding content of its Fall 2013 issue.

Every year, two National Program Directors' Prizes for undergraduate literary magazines are awarded to journals in the separate categories of content and design.

John H. Fleming of the University of South Florida, who judged the content award, said he was impressed by the variety in Catch.

"In addition to consistently high-quality poetry, fiction, art, and creative nonfiction, Catch features poetic translations, a short screenplay, a movie review, an art show review, a tribute to Roger Ebert, a QR code that links to original music on the Catch website, a data-driven analysis on the use of military deployment in the drug war, and a scientific article on pollutants found in ice and snow," he said. "Catch is a remarkable display of talent, knowledge, and dedication -- the very best undergraduate literary magazine in the country."Catch magazine

"As we look back to our Fall 2013 issue, we can see what he's talking about," said Christopher Poore '14, Co-Editor-in-Chief along with Grace Davis '14. "Having read more than 600 pieces submitted to the magazine this year, Grace and I are amazed and humbled by the amount of talent that this college attracts and nurtures."

Catch is a bi-annual, student-run literary publication that focuses solely on the work of undergraduate students. Knox has been publishing a student-run literary publication for more than 100 years. (Photos at top and bottom of page: Students at a Catch release party. Photo at right: The award-winning Fall 2013 issue.)

Catch has a long tradition of winning national and international awards, such as the International Pacemaker Award from the Associated College Press (ACP) in 2008, 2005, and 2003 and the AWP's National Collegiate Championship Literary Magazine Director's Prize in 2003.

Cristian Gorostieta ‘15 and Serafine George '15 will be Catch Editors-in-Chief for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Catch 2013-2014 Editors
Editors in Chief: Christopher Poore and Grace Davis
Organizational Editors: Anthony Foley, Josh Tvrdy, Serafine George
Layout Editor: Ashley Wolfgang
Layout Assistant: Nate Moore
Photographer: Sofie Drummond-Moore
Analytical Nonfiction Editor: Max Potthoff
Art Editor: Colin Coutts
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Michelle Steffens
Drama Editor: Nicole Acton
Fiction Editors: Ian Crutcher, Samantha Paul, Mary Kate Murray
Journalism Editor: Charlie Megenity
Music Editor: Kyle Kunkler
Poetry Editor: Morgan Blakely, Cristian Gorostieta
Faculty Advisor: Chad Simpson

Catch magazine