2011 Knox Graduate Offers Law School Advice

June 14, 2013

Britt Anderson '11 at Pre-Law Club

Take classes in constitutional law, prepare for the LSAT, and be ready to study law 24/7. These are just a few of the tips Britt Anderson, a 2011 Knox College graduate entering her third year of law school, offered to current Knox students. The May 22 visit by Anderson, who is at Northern Illinois University Law School, was organized by the Knox College Pre-Law Club.

Anderson advised Knox students who are interested in law school to:

  • Take the College's American Constitutional Law and Law School Admission Test Review courses.
  • Visit the Bastian Center for Career & Pre-Professional Development for assistance on tailoring a one-page resume for law schools to consider.
  • Focus on a unique life experience when crafting a personal essay as part of the law school application process, and explain how the experience prepared them for law school.
  • Visit law school campuses and talk with students about their experiences with professors and other students.

In law school, Anderson has participated in moot court and mock trial programs. She was selected for a paid internship at a law firm after her first year of law school, continued at the firm during the school year, and is working there again this summer.

One Knox student asked her how the workload in law school compares with the workload at Knox.

Britt Anderson '11 at Pre-Law Club"It's basically the law, 24/7," Anderson replied.

Law school isn't necessarily "more overwhelming," she said, but students at Knox balance different types of studies and activities. Law students focus only on law.

"There's no Flunk Day in law school, which is terrible," Anderson joked.

Another Knox student asked her about job prospects in law.

"You have to do well, and that's what's going to get you a job," she said. "I think people are generally optimistic about finding jobs."

Anderson's comments were well-received, Knox students and faculty agreed.

"Her experiences really resulted in some helpful, practical suggestions for our students -- from the application process on up through trying to land a job when you get out of law school," said Lane Sunderland, Chancie Ferris Booth Professor of Political Science and pre-law advisor.

"I hope people got more of a candid idea of what law school is like," said Knox senior Charlotte Young, who has been hired as audit response clerk at a Dallas, Texas, law firm and plans to attend law school later.

"She knows the struggles we're going through as an undergraduate student and what we're thinking about to prepare for law school."