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Your orientation leaders are excited to meet you! Read more about who they are, where they're from, what they're majoring in, and why they love being an orientation leader (OL) at Knox.

Aakash Desai '17  AakashDesai
Racine, Wisconsin
Campus Involvement: 
Manager of football team

Alma Jimenez '15  Alma Jimenez
Chicago, Illinois
Psychology major
Campus Involvement:

Annie Ford '16  Annie Ford
Oak Park, Illinois
Psychology and Education double major
Campus Involvement: 
KKG, APO, Habitat

"While I have learned a lot from my Knox classes, I have also learned a lot from meeting new people and joining various clubs and organizations. Try new things!! So many people and clubs are so welcoming on campus and if your interested in it, (or even if you're not)..try out new things at Knox!! You may find that you fall in love with a club, a class, or a place that you didn't expect yourself to."

Armor Wisler '15  Armor Wisler
Geneva, Switzerland
Major/Minor: International Relations major; Japanese and Environmental Studies minor
Campus Involvement: International Club, Folio Visual Arts Journal

"The most important thing people did for me was to expose me to new things." -Temple Grandin

Carly Taylor '16
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Major/Minor:Creative Writing major; Dance Studies minor
Campus Involvement: Women's Chorale, Cellar Door, Bright Futures Preschool, Off Knox, Alpha Phi Omega

Casie Panganiban '17 Casie Panganiban
Hometown: Des Plaines, Illinois
Major/Minor: Secondary Education and English Literature double major
Campus Involvement: WVKC, Frisbee, Ballroom Club, Student Ambassadors, APO

"Try not to stay in your dorm too much during O Week. This is the prime time to meet other students, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. It's really worth the risk!"

Chandrea Chaiyarat '15  
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major/Minor: Biology major; Spanish minor
Campus Involvement: Lo Nuestro, Allied Blacks for Liberty and Equality, Delta Delta Delta

"I chose to become an orientation leader this year because I enjoy volunteering and helping others. I am looking forward to creating new bonds with those who are entering our Knox community as well as creating new memories with my fellow peers."

Dakota Stipp '17  Dakota Stipp
Hometown: Galeburg, Illinois
Major/Minor: Computer Science major; Theatre & Music minor
Campus Involvement: Theatre, Soulfege a Cappella Choir, Honor Board, Men's Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble

"I look forward to introducing new students to the diversity, creativity, and intellect of the Knox environment."

Devyani Gore '16  Devyani Gore
Hometown: Rahatani, India
Major/Minor: Economics major; neuroscience minor
Campus Involvement: Knox Model United Nations, International Club, Rotaract Club India

"Don't be afraid to be who you are. Knox is really accepting of all kinds of people!"

Donald Harris Jr. '17  Donald Harris
Hometown: Homewood, Illinois
Major/Minor: International Relations major; Business and Spanish minors
Campus Involvement: ABLE, Top KnoxCHICAGO

"Come to college with an open mind and embrace the diversity at the campus"

Dushawn Darling '16  Dushawn Darling
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major/Minor: Anthropology Sociology major; dance and social services minor
Campus Involvement: Able, Lonustro, Pondora's Box, Terp, FIJI

"Do as much as you can because you only get four years and they go by very fast."

Dy'Anna Augustus '16    
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major/Minor: Music major; Business/Management minor
Campus Involvement: WVKC, Anime Club, Knox College Choir

"I am looking forward to meeting all the students and simply finding out what brought them to Knox."

Emma Kirk '17  Emma Kirk
Hometown: Gainesville, Florida
Major/Minor: Psychology Major
Campus Involvement: C-Store Clerk, Ballroom Dance Club, Intramural Volleyball

"College will be unpredictable, so prepare to be surprised. In a good way!"

Jazmin Morales '17  Jazmin Morales
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major/Minor: Education-Elementary level major; Spanish minor
Campus Involvement: Pre-Health Club

"Introduce yourselves to your professors and get to know them, also be involved around campus its a great way to meet people. And most importantly, pick a major that will INTEREST you!"

Jeremy Gogoel '16    Jeremy Gogoel
Hometown: Elgin, Illinois
Major/Minor: Undeclared
Campus Involvement: Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Dining Services worker, Sigma Chi, Interfraternity Council

"I am looking forward to helping the new students adapt to the college environment while getting to know them, since they will help this College become an even greater institution. I will be an orientation leader this year because it is the first year I have been able to apply. So the real question is, why not?"

Jinglin Feng '16  
Hometown: Canton, China
Major/Minor: Intended psychology major; intended business and Spanish Minor
Campus Involvement: International Club

Joshua Voravong '15   Joshua Voravong
Hometown: West Jordan, Utah
Major/Minor: Computer science major; mathematics minor
Campus Involvement: Fencing, dog walking volunteer, Multiple sclerosis volunteer, Catholic church volunteer, Tau Kappa Epsilon

"Orientation week is filled with new, fun, and exciting experiences for everyone! I became an orientation leader because I genuinely love meeting new people and helping them out. I look forward to new students and being able to hang out with everyone around campus."

Jonathan Vardon '15  Jonathan Vardon
Hometown: London, United Kingdom
Major/Minor: Vocal performance major, studio art minor
Campus Involvement: Swimming, Choir, International Club, Terpsichore, Tau Kappa Epsilon

"As an orientation leader, this year I'm looking forward to showing the students appointed to me what Knox is all about. That includes the ins and outs of student life here and the atmosphere and relationships between the students themselves and between the faculty and staff. I'm also looking forward to seeing the bonds that form between the new students and the friendships that develop and grow throughout the rest of the year. I also chose to return, this year, as an orientation leader because I'd like to continue the work I started last year in spreading the information about how great Knox can be. I also had an amazing time getting to know the first-years and working with other upperclassmen whom I might not have become friends with otherwise. It was a great opportunity to meet new people, and I want to experience that again."

Kathryn Lanute '15Kathryn Lanute
Hometown: Sugar Grove, Illinois
Campus Involvement:

Kati Stemple '16
Hometown: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Major/Minor: International relations and modern languages double major
Campus Involvement: Blessings in a Backpack, Alpha Phi Omega

"I'm looking forward to getting to know the class of 2018! From what I've seen on the Facebook page, they all seem really excited to be at Knox and I can't wait to share in all of their positive energy when they get to campus. I'm also looking forward to being a mentor to these students. Why I wanted to be an orientation leader -- college is really scary at first, and I want to be someone on campus that the first-years can talk to and hang out with. I thought that the upperclassmen were really intimidating when I first got to campus, and I want to make sure that they don't leave Orientation Week still thinking that way. Another huge part of why I wanted to be an OL is because I love Knox and I really enjoy getting to know people on this campus, and the best way to get to know the first-years is to spend time with them during Orientation Week."

Kyle Baacke '16
Hometown: Cortez, Colorado    Kyle Baacke
Major/Minor: Psychology major; business and management minor
Campus Involvement: French Club, Trumpet Ensemble, Gaming Information Network, Fencing

"I'm looking forward to getting to know the new members of our little community. It will also be great to be back at Knox so soon. My experience at Orientation Week last year was probably one of the best weeks of my life, and I would very much like to pass on the same good experience to the upcoming first-years."

Laura Ernst '15   Laura Ernst
Hometown: Naperville, Illinois  
Major/Minor: Environmental studies major; business and management minor
Campus Involvement: Knox Corps, Admission Ambassador, Union Board, KARES, Alumni Ambassador, String Ensemble, Rotaract, Reading Buddies, Alpha Phi Omega

"I am looking forward to meeting the newest members of the Knox community. I am excited to welcome new students to campus and share my knowledge of Knox and Galesburg. I am super excited to participate in orientation events like Playfair and Sex Signals. I am so glad to be a part of the orientation team this year and can't wait to be back on campus! I chose to be an orientation leader this year because I want to help give first-year students a smooth transition into college life. Orientation played a large part in me being comfortable during my first days at Knox, and I want new students to feel the same way. Since my own orientation was so amazing, I can't wait to help provide that same experience for the class of 2017!"

Laura Lee '17Laura Lee
Hometown: Mountain View, California
Major/Minor: Creative Writing major
Campus Involvement: Water Polo and Swimming

"Let yourself have fun.  Yes, working hard is extremely important at Knox (and any where you go), but there is more to the college experience than just what is taught in the classroom. But with that in mind, remember you are here to learn, so take your classes seriously."

Lissa Mann '16
Hometown: Clawson, Misssouri 
Major/Minor: Economics major; philosophy minor
Campus Involvement: Vollyball, student caller, technology assistant, Alpha Phi Omega, Richter Grant recipient

Nancy Celaya '17Nancy Celaya
Hometown: Mount Prospect, Illinois
Major/Minor: Chemistry major, biochemistry minor
Campus Involvement: Lo Nuestro, Korean Club, Admissions Volunteer

Nejla Ghane '17 Nejla Ghane
Hometown: Naperville, Illinois
Major/Minor: Biochemistry major
Campus Involvement: Pre-health club, Alpha Phi Omega, Muslim Club, Student Health Advocacy Group

"Be an optimist: taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it's more of a cha-cha!"

Nils Leitz '16Nils Leitz
Hometown: Melrose, Massachusetts 
Major/Minor: Political science major; German minor
Campus Involvement: Ballroom Dancing Club, Knox Democrats, WVKC

"I'm looking forward to being an orientation leader this fall because of how much fun orientation was for me last year. It will be exciting to help the incoming freshmen make new friends and feel at home, and at the same time it will be fun for me to meet so many new people. I chose to be an orientation leader to help make the first week easier for my group, but I also hope that it will help me become more ingrained in Knox life, which means getting to know more people outside of my class and friend group."

Mary Anne Thomas '16 Mary Anne Thomas
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major/Minor: Biology major
Campus Involvement: Reading Buddies, Discovery Depot volunteer, AAINA (South Asian Culture) Club, Best Buddies

"I can easily relate to being in new environments. I like talking with others and helping them feel welcome. I have also performed leadership roles before, interacting with kids from many different backgrounds. I can bring in some of my personal experiences at Knox and how I solved some of the problems I have had in the past concerning grades, roommates, compromises, and the clubs and volunteering in which I've participated."

Olaloye Oyedotun '15 Olaloye Oyedotun
Hometown: Magodo GRA, Lagos
Major/Minor: International relations major; business and management minor
Campus Involvement: Badminton, International Club, Humane Society volunteer, Tau Kappa Epsilon

"I'm looking forward to meeting all the new students. I know it sounds like a very generic answer but honestly being able to learn about all the new students and meeting people with interests similar to mine is pretty awesome, as is learning about each student's different journey to Knox (i.e.,  how they found Knox, where they're from). I would say I chose to be an orientation leader again this year for the same reason as last year. I want to make the new students feel as comfortable when they arrive at Knox as I did when I first arrived as a freshman from Nigeria, to be their first port-of-call when they have any problems and introduce them to the unique Knox culture, where everyone is comfortable being themselves."

Peiwen Ding '17 Peiwen Ding
Hometown: Beijing, China
Major/Minor: Asian Studies major; Educational Studies and Japanese minor
Campus Involvement: Treasurer of Asian Student Association, International Club, Japanese Club, Korean Club, Flute choir and I-Fair; work for Hard Knox; student visit ambassador; volunteer as reading buddies for Neilson elementary school

Rohail Khan '16 Rodhail Khan
Hometown: Islamabad, Pakistan
Major/Minor: Physics major
Campus Involvement: I Club, Tennis, Red Room, Computer Lab

Rosie Castle '16 Rosie Castle
Hometown: Denver, Colorado 
Major/Minor: Education major; music and theatre double minor
Campus Involvement: Knox College Choir, Knox Chamber Singers, jazz and acapella groups, theatre, Best Buddies

"What I am looking forward to this year as an orientation leader is being able to get first-years excited about Knox. I love Knox; it's my second home. I want the first-years to feel that wayo too, as well as have an amazing orientation week like I did. I chose to be an orientation leader because I had done it two years in high school. I am very outgoing, and I want the first-years to love Knox as much as I do. Also, I think it's important to have upperclassmen help the first-years because I know the beginning of my freshman year was scary too."

Sarah Lottman '17 Sarah Lottman
Hometown: Camdenton, Missouri 
Major/Minor: Asian Studies
Campus Involvement:

Sebastian Llavaneras '17Sebastian Llavaneras
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Campus Involvement:

Tevin Liao '17Tevin Liao
San Francisco, California
Campus Involvement: 
Campus Life Chair for Student Senate, PC Gaming Chair for Gaming Information Network, Member of Sigma Nu, Improv Club, and Ballroom Dance Club

"Give everything a try and never invest everything into one basket."

Teammates at a Knox Soccer Game
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