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Pioneer Honor Roll

A Pioneer Who's Who

E. E. Calkins created a list of Galesburg's settlers, which he dubbed the "Honor Roll of First Settlers" in the 1937 Galesburg-Knox College centenary celebration program: "A tentative roster of the original settlers of Galesburg arriving during 1836, with other arriving later who had made arrangements to join the colony by signing the Plan and buying land."

At the time, he noted about the list:

"This list is still incomplete. Dates of births and deaths are lacking, and the names and number of children. Also, there is doubt in some cases as to whether the settlers whose names are given as pioneers actually arrived in the years which have been arbitrarily designated as limiting the pioneer period."

Women in the Honor Roll are listed by their maiden names, if known. Click on a name for the text from the Honor Roll, and, if available, an image.