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Outside the Shadow of RembrandtGregory Gilbert
Assistant Professor of Art History
Knox College

Knox College students were involved in every aspect of this project, which involved selecting the works, conducting the research on the prints and writing the catalogue entries, which were based on more extensive research papers. The students have carried out these duties with energy and professional commitment and I am particularly grateful to Melanie Heineman, Hera Cha and Kathryn Koca for taking on the additional work of authoring multiple entries for the catalogue. Melanie Heineman also deserves extra thanks for her assistance with the photography for the catalogue.

I would also like to acknowledge the financial support of Lawrence Breitborde, Dean of the College and Lynette Lombard, Chair of the Art Department, for providing much needed funds to print the catalogue. In turn, the staff, faculty and students of Knox College should extend their congratulations to the students who researched and organized this project.

On behalf of the students and myself, I would like to thank individuals at Knox College who contributed to the successful completion of this project. The staff members of Seymour Library and the Knox College Special Collections provided valuable assistance in helping us research, organize and install the exhibit. For their generous help and support I would like to thank Jeffrey Douglas, Carley Robison, Sharon Clayton, Julie Mills and Kay Vander Meulen. Very special thanks are owed the staff of the Office of Public Relations at Knox College, in particular Ami Jontz, Rebecca Hale, Rory Parilac and Peter Bailley who patiently worked out the details on designing and publishing the catalogue and these web pages.

Knox College

Printed on Saturday, January 31, 2015

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