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Outside the Shadow of Rembrandt


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Selected 17th Century Prints from the Famulener and Wilson Collections

The exhibition and catalogue "Outside the Shadow of Rembrandt: Selected 17th Century Prints from the Famulener and Wilson Collections" grew out of research that was conducted during winter term 2001 by Knox College students in the course Baroque Art and Architecture. The prints were displayed May through August 2001 in Seymour Library, where the collections are housed.

"Outside the Shadow of Rembrandt" was conceived as a companion project to the 1996 exhibition and catalogue, also researched and organized by Knox art history students, "Graphic Impressions: Selected 19th Century Prints from the Famulener and Wilson Collections."


Gregory Gilbert, Assistant Professor of Art History.

"Family in the Inn," Cornelis Bega
The inn was a fast growing public institution during 17th century Holland. Bega depicts the colorful, compelling human activities that could be found inside these inns. -- Elise Mensing

"Enrolling the Troops" and "St. Bartholomew," Jacques Callot
As part of a series, "The Miseries and Disasters of War," Callot depicts the enrollment of a militia and the detachment of their leaders. In "St. Bartholomew," Callot fills the page with the image of the saint looking upwards towards heaven. -- Elizabeth Platte

"Jacobus De Breuck," Anthony van Dyck
This print and 113 others, made of prominent Europeans, was a commercial venture, undertaken to boost Van Dyck's career. Despite this, the series is regarded as one of Van Dyck's most important works, both because of its ambitious size and the artistic skill and innovation involved in its creation. -- Mara Peterson

"Flight Into Egypt"; "The Shipwreck," Claude Lorrain
The "Flight Into Egypt" -- Virgin and Christ Child on a donkey accompanied by Joseph and two guardian angels -- was a popular theme during the Counter-Reformation period. "The Shipwreck" is a dramatic seascape, depicting several ships caught in a violent storm. -- Liam Harty

"Beggar in a Large Coat," Adriaen van Ostade
A lively study that displays a loose, sketchy stroke in the clothing, contour of the beggar's body, and expressive posture. -- Kathryn Koca

"The Herd," Paulus Potter
During the course of the 17th century, the cow became a prominent motif in Dutch art due to a variety of associations with viewers. Potter was one of the first to use animals as the primary focal subject of a rural landscape. -- Hera Cha

"The Cavalier," Servatius Raeven
The depiction of military figures was a popular theme in Dutch Baroque art, most likely to commemorate the Dutch army's defeat of Spain in the War of Independence. -- Melanie Heineman

"Saint Jerome and the Angel," Jusepe de Ribera
The martyred saint was a prevalent theme in Spanish Baroque art, and "Saint Jerome and the Angel" is one Ribera's most repeated and popular prints. The artistic aspects are characteristically Baroque in theme and formal approach. -- Melanie Heineman

"The Rustic Cottage," Jacob van Ruisdael
A complex, allegorical etching that offers comments on the fleeting nature of earthly life, the destructive impact of time on human achievements, the ongoing cycle of life, and a hopeful Christian dimension. -- Hera Cha

"Peasants and Goats near Ruins," Jan van de Velde
A combination of pictorial simplicity and technical inventiveness attracts the viewer to Van de Velde's etchings. "Peasants and Goats near Ruins" contrasts light and dark, life and drama, in a tranquil ruin scene. -- Kathryn Koca

"The Death of Adonis," Anthonie Waterloo
Waterloo's technique in "The Death of Adonis" reflects the efforts of artists during the 17th century to expand the capabilities of etching as a medium. While the work as a whole communicates a tight, controlled visual style, closer inspection reveals a casual, almost painterly quality. -- Joseph Mohan



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