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Ordering Materials for the Library

Faculty in each department or program may select materials based on the curricular needs of their department. The collection is meant to support student coursework and student research.

Each department appoints a faculty member to be their representative to the Library. This person can coordinate orders for the department, but individual faculty can also submit orders directly to the library.

Each department also has a librarian assigned to be their liaison. You liaison can help you with questions you have about ordering or if you would like assistance identifying titles in certain subject areas or formats that are available for purchase.

Placing orders

Orders can be submitted via email to or sent to Tanna Cullen, Box #227. Only firm orders should be sent this way.

Questions or requests for information on titles should be directed to your librarian liaison or to Sharon Clayton. All orders should include:

  • Author & title at a minimum, and a full citation when known. Please never provide only a link to the title information. If you are providing a link, please still provide the full title in the order itself.
  • Format preferred for books - print or digital.
  • Price when known.
  • Faculty name or initials.
  • Department name.
  • Term or date needed by.

Rush orders: 

Any orders needed in less than 3 weeks should be indicated as RUSH.
RUSH orders should be sent to

Rush orders should include:

  • RUSH written on the order
  • Date needed by--if an exact date is not known, still indicate either a number of days or weeks or the specific term.
  • Author & title at a minimum, and a full citation when known. Please do not provide just a link.
  • Format preferred for books - print or digital.
  • Faculty name or initials.
  • Department name.

Checking on orders

Contact your librarian liaison or Sharon Clayton (x7249) to check on an order or if you have any questions.

Reference books

Major reference books or sets that cover broad subject areas are usually purchased with funds allocated specially for that purpose, and are usually chosen by the reference librarians. If you would like to recommend a reference title, please send that recommendation to your librarian liaison. Reference works covering narrow subject specific topics can be selected by faculty in the same way as other titles.

Recommending titles outside your departmental area

If you know of a title the library should have, but which falls outside your department's subject areas, you can recommend it by either contacting someone in a department under whom it would more logically fall or you can send a recommendation to the Library Director, Jeff Douglas (x7491, Box #227).

Big ticket items

Sometimes items are just too expensive to go through as a departmental order. If you would like us to consider something that is over $200, please contact your librarian liaison, and provide as much information as you can as to why the resource is needed for your students. The Library Director will review these requests in conjunction with the subject liaison. In a case like this we may look for special funds that can be used to acquire the item(s).