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Library Services for Faculty

A reference librarian is assigned to each academic department or program as a liaison to provide course related library instruction, reference assistance, database searching, collection development assistance and current awareness service. Click here to view a list of librarians and their department assignments. If you have questions about library services, contact your librarian-liaison.


Library services for faculty include:

Course related library instruction -- We strive to teach your students to find and use the best information resources for the assignments you have developed. We can develop workshops & assignments to help your students meet Knox's Information Literacy Competency. Find out who your librarian-liaison is here.

Reference -- You can call or email your librarian with any kind of question. Questions can range from "How do I find good web sites on this topic?" to "I need the phone number for the producer of this film."

Database searching -- The library subscribes to a wide range of databases appropriate for undergraduate research, and these are available to you both on- and off-campus. The library also has access to hundreds of other databases on a per-search basis. Contact your librarian if you need to search a database that isn't on the list on the library's website.

Collection development -- Librarians can help you with selecting materials for the library's collections. She can provide you with access to vendor databases, route publishers' catalogs and flyers to you and also work with vendors to create customized bibliographies of available titles based on criteria such as subject, date, price, etc.

Current awareness -- You may wish to receive photocopies of tables of contents from journals to which our library subscribes. Additionally, you may search tables of contents electronically using ProQuest, EbscoHost and other databases. Your librarian can help you set up a customized current awareness service.

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