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In and Around Henry Seymour Library

Janet Greig Post The Herman R. Muelder Reading Room on the second floor of Seymour Library features a portrait gallery of Knox College past presidents and other dignitaries. The image to the left is of Janet Greig Post, Knox class of 1894, faculty member, and trustee of the College from 1925-1966.

Other paintings, along with framed broadsides and posters, are featured throughout Seymour Library, including in the open space known as the Alumni Reading Room outside of the Special Collections and Archives on the north side of the second floor.

Jenne terracottaCurrently on display in the Cecil Reading Room, directly opposite the main entrance, is a collection of African pottery, a gift of artist Keith Achepohl. The image here is of two objects of terra cotta from the city of Jenne in southern Mali. The vessels date from the 13th - 16th century.


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