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Roger as New President

By Dan Chibnall '03

Roger '63 and Anne Taylor '63 with the Old Main bell, 2002.The first conversation I had with Roger Taylor had to do with the Old Main bell tower. My friends Frank Elliott '04, Mike Stowers '03, and I had noticed that part of the tower was damaged. We had no idea our meeting with Roger would turn the bell tower into a new symbol of pride, usher in a new era for Knox, and elevate him into more than just a president.

The bell tower commemoration in February 2002 was one small step towards repairing Knox, but it was special for another reason. The bell tower reminds us that we are a small Knox community. We can hear the bell all across campus. It is a tool and a symbol that unites us with its ringing. Roger saved the bell to help us see that we truly are a community in every sense of the word. From campus classes to alumni gatherings all over the world, we are a community.

Roger's bell tower initiative showed us that he was more than just an administrator. He cares about every aspect of the College. Campus felt more democratic because you could have a conversation with him on a whim or see him singing the school song with the soccer team at 6:00 in the morning. We embraced Roger because he embraced us. He knew who we were because he had been in our shoes before. Our deep love of Knox was something we could share with him, and he knew exactly how that felt.

Roger Taylor has shown us he is more than just a president. He symbolizes the great qualities of friendship, community, and lifelong learning that the school awakens in all of us.

Dan Chibnall graduated in 2003 with a history and political science double major. After getting his master's in library science, he now works as a librarian and instructor at Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa.

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