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Roger as Fraternity Brother

By Harold Bibb '62

Roger Taylor '63 with fellow student volunteers at WVKC. Fresh from Fulton County where he had played for an undefeated Cuba, Illinois, football team, Roger Taylor was one of 10 first-year students who pledged Alpha Delta Epsilon (ADE) fraternity in 1959. I was a second-year student at the time and had helped to rush him for ADE.

Roger had worked at his hometown radio station, and, early in his tenure at Knox, we decided to work together on a short-lived campus radio show in which I played jazz from my record collection, and Roger ran the control room. He always emphasized the importance of running a "tight board," which meant that there should never be unscheduled silences during a broadcast and that no time should be wasted.

To some, Roger gave the appearance of being shy, but he was generous and inclusive by nature. Acceptance of an invitation to spend a weekend at his farm meant that one could be assured of good company, large meals, and being welcomed like a member of the family. 

One of the central tenets of ADE was to "understand that the value of a man is determined by the work of his mind and the willingness and labor of his hands." Roger carried this view beyond the campus, and it was one of the basic ideas that he believed in and held dear.

Harold Bibb '62

In many ways, Roger was a typical Knox student who was serious about his studies and enjoyed good conversation and the companionship of friends. His capacity for leadership was quickly recognized by other members of the fraternity, and he was elected secretary of ADE in his third year at Knox and president in his fourth. The willingness to serve, the ability to lead, and a commitment to the values we associate with both Alpha Delta Epsilon and Knox were already apparent during his student days

In addition to being fraternity brothers, Harold and Roger were fellow members of the Knox Board of Trustees for more than a decade.

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