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Roger as Cheerleader

By George Eaton '80

Roger Taylor '63 leading Knox alumni and students in the annual singing of the Fight Song during Homecoming Convocation.My name is George Eaton, and I was graduated from this terrific college in 1980. I was the acting chair of the Alumni Council in 2002 when Roger Taylor was inducted as Knox's president. I had the opportunity to travel and live around the world and had several of those embarrassing experiences where someone asked where I went to college, and I stared at my shoes and said some small college you've never heard of -- only to find they either knew about Knox College or were alums themselves.

Based on my own experiences already mentioned, I came to the Alumni Council personally confident that Knox was a great school and that we needed to be more proud and we needed to do more. But that was not enough. It took Roger Taylor's driving, infectious enthusiasm and his constant mantra about being proud of Knox that recreated our institutional self confidence. And that psychological baseline he created is what drove us forward in his tenure to re-establish solid finances, while at the same time nurturing academic excellence.

This is a transcription of George Eaton's tribute to Roger during Homecoming Convocation on October 23, 2010.

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