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Roger & Anne in the Community

By James Purlee & Robert Sparks '56

Roger Taylor '63 participating in the 2005 Knox County Fair.Few people may know it, but Roger Taylor is the third president in Knox's history to come from a farm background. Anne also grew up on a dairy farm in rural New Jersey. Many of us associate Roger and Anne with their time in that big city up North, but their farm backgrounds are important to their lives today.

Roger and Anne are two of the most down-to-earth people you'll meet. If you think about all that they've done in their lives, you'd think that they'd have a right to boast a bit, but they don't. Their service to Knox is not about personal gain -- it's about the College's mission. Their ability to put Knox's needs and priorities in front of their own comes straight from their farming backgrounds. On a farm, you put your own needs aside and help your family and friends in any way that you can. That's the mentality that Roger and Anne bring to Knox.

They bring this same attitude to the Galesburg community. Roger and Anne have served in more than 20 separate community organizations, from the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association, to Rotary Club, to local arts organizations. Both have been named the Paul Harris Fellow by their respective Galesburg Rotary Clubs in recognition of their service.

We're all good friends, and we help each other in the projects that are important to us. Knox happens to be Roger's and Anne's big project, and we help them in any way we can.

James Purlee, owner of Purlee Farms in Knox County, Illinois, and Robert Sparks '56, retired president of Galesburg's United Federal Savings Bank, are both personal friends of the Taylors and serve as Knox College trustees.

Roger & Anne in the CommunityRoger and Anne have volunteered for, served on the boards of, and worked with numerous Galesburg community organizations.

Below are just a few of the organizations they served:

Business District Development & Redevelopment Commissiom * Economic Development Network * Education Technology Center Board * Gale Scholars Steering Committee Galesburg Bicentennial Commission * Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association * Leadership Greater Galesburg * Nova Singers * OSF St. Mary's Medical Center Advisory Board * Noon & Sunrise Rotary Clubs * United Way * Carl Sandburg College Legal Assistant Program Advisory Board * Hard Knox Study Club II * PEO * Hawthorne Study Club * Mosaic Club * Delta Delta Delta Alumni Association.

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