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Roger & Anne as Students

By Diane Smatlak Rosenberg '63

Roger  and Anne Taylor from the 1963 yearbook.When I was asked to write about my classmates Roger and Anne, I have to admit that I had a hard time remembering what I was doing during my college days, let alone what others were doing! But I can attest that all of their friends, Knox students and parents, and faculty and staff members of the past decade can tell you the story of how Roger Taylor first met Anne Zweifel at the 1959 freshman mixer.

Roger describes his perusing the questions on the "get the signatures of your fellow classmates" list . . . how his eyes jumped to "shortest girl" . . . how he found Anne in the crowd . . . how she, with a haughty flourish, signed her name and turned her back on him -- he always acts out this last part -- nose in the air with an abrupt turn! Roger had never met anyone from east of the Alleghenies and attributed Anne's cool response to her eastern background.

Roger continued to pursue Anne. She continued to ignore him. He stubbornly persisted. She resolutely resisted. Eventually, Anne relented and agreed to just "one" date. Only they know what they talked about on that first date, but they had much in common -- similar farm experiences as children and both were first-generation college students intent on hard work and success. They were English majors and shared classes and discussed assignments together. Both of them had a wonderful sense of fun and humor! By their senior year they'd both attained leadership roles and the respect of classmates. Anne was president of Delta Delta Delta, and Roger was president of Alpha Delta Epsilon. In June of 1963, there was real concern among graduating seniors about the Vietnam War. Roger enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He and Anne were married. The "one" date that Anne agreed to back in 1959 has lasted a lifetime!

In addition to being a classmate of Roger's and Anne's, Diane served on the Board of Trustees with Roger for more than 20 years, including six years as chair of the Board during Roger's tenure as president.

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