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Knox Magazine

Spring 2010 -- Volume 94, Issue 1

Spring 2010 Knox Magazine Cover of the Rickey MuralKnox's art and art history programs have successfully emerged from their most intensive period of change in the last 25 years, reaffirming their status as core components of Knox's liberal arts curriculum. Knox Magazine explores the history of art and art history at Knox and how they have expanded their offerings beyond the boundaries of the Knox campus and curriculum.


Letters: Read the President's Message, Editor's Note, and letters to the editor.

Meet the Trustee: When Richard Riddell was in second grade, he loved to go to school early to help his teacher distribute pencils and paper on each student's desk. Currently vice president, university secretary, and special assistant to the president of Duke University, Riddell may not help distribute pencils and paper any longer, but he's still helping "others get the most of their education," he says.

Breaking In and Breaking Out: In recent years, the art and art history programs have expanded their offerings beyond the Knox College campus, encouraging their students to think and explore a larger world of educational opportunities. But before art and art history could break out of the classroom, they had to break in.

George Rickey's Knox College Mural Reborn: Gregory Gilbert, associate professor of art history, examines the remarkable restoration of one-time faculty member George Rickey's mural The offer of Education, as well as its importance to Knox and American art.

Knox Art Alumni Share Their Best Cities for Artists: What is it about a city that inspires the creative process? Is it the size? The museums? The eccentricities of the people and surroundings? Knox art alumni share what they love about the communities where they live and how it inspires their creative work.

Read more about alumni in the arts:
Cynthia Costello '74, Jennifer Casler Price '83, Alejandro "Alex" Moreno '93, Lora Sariaslan '99, Janny Thipphongpraphas '01, Melissa Hueting '04, Jenna Price '06

2009 Alumni Achievement Awards: Meet the four winners of the 2009 Alumni Achievement Awards: Alexander W. Kuo '61, James L. Hallock '69, Keith E. Maskus '76, and Matthew L. Berg '00.

Flashback: Between e-mails, phone calls, letters, and bundles of photos, we received one of the best responses to our Flashback photo of the Goal Post! Thanks to everyone who sent us memories and clues about this legendary campus gathering spot -- Jay Burgess '51, Merle Glick '46, Harry Neumiller '51, Paul Pickrel '38, Jack Sterne '56, Jim Turner '49, and Dorothy Thomas Wharton '55.

Watering Our Roots: To honor Knox College Professor Philip Haring, an endowed scholarship has been established to support students who, like Haring, understand the importance of critical thinking while learning.

Class Notes: Catch up with your classmates and friends!