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We are Family

By Alison McGaughey

There’s no better stamp of approval for a college than when its alumni send their children to their alma mater. And at Knox, more than 30 percent of this year’s entering class -- 109 students -- were recommended by or had a connection to a member of the Knox community. Of those students, 36 were “legacies,” or students who followed a relative to Knox.

Why did these students choose Knox and what have they discovered while following in their families’ footsteps? Here’s what these legacy students had to say:

Of the 36 legacy students that entered Knox in September, 20 gathered for the annual legacy photography on the first day of new student orientation.

Front row (left-right): Muhibo Sharif-Sidi, Kyle Patrick Sibley, Sarah Sterne, Jennifer Hoben, Stephanie Martin, Michelle Nirdé, Sarah West. Second row (l-r): Kevin Quirk, Larissa Roy, Mary Anderson, Charles Rohrbaugh, Nick Buchman, Keven Klosterboer, Zach Kirven. Third row (l-r): Jon Szleszinski, Alex Roth, Elaine Wilson, Henry Harriman, Nolan Bryant, Kevin Wickman.

“I’d always heard about Knox, but never thought I’d actually attend. . . . I wanted to create my own memories and carve my own niche. But words cannot express how happy I am here. Maybe it’s the professors, the students, the activities, the amazing campus, or maybe it’s all of these factors combined. My dad still recalls stories at Knox with great fondness, and the apple obviously doesn’t fall far from the tree, because I’m already living my own memories and experiences.” -- Elaine Wilson, Flossmoor, Illinois; daughter of Aimee M. Coath ’86 and Gregory A. Wilson ’86

“My great-grandfather attended Lombard College. Also, my parents met and Knox, as well as my godparents and many close family friends. Since my dad also grew up in Galesburg, I’ve been visiting the campus here since I was a little kid. Every time I visited, my parents told my brother and me stories about Flunk Day, people they knew and know at Knox, and, of course, how they met. (Coincidentally, I have an English class in the room right next to where they met, in a French class).” -- Henry Harriman, Chicago, Illinois; son of Cecilia Pinto ’81 and James C. Harriman ’82

“My aunt, Eileen Larmee Chamberlin ’77, is the reason I’m a legacy at Knox College. . . . She’s very smart and in control of her life, and that type of molding was something I could appreciate in a college.”  -- Will Gallmeyer, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“My MOTHER and AUNT had always told me the people at Knox were the best you would ever meet -- supportive, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile for you. I have found this to be true; I suppose some things never change!” -- Mary Anderson, Batavia, Iowa; daughter of Anne Bell Anderson ’77; niece of Paul ’84 and Charlotte Bell Crawford ’85; second cousin of Thomas W. Fletcher Jr. ’67

“Several of my family members attended Knox: my mother, Karen Heilingoetter Wise ’81; my father, Jim Wise ’82; my aunts and uncles, Lisa Heilingoetter  Ackman ’84, Robert Heilingoetter ’83, T.J. Heilingoetter ’85, Charles Ackman ’82, and Janet  Hahn Heilingoetter ’84.  It wasn’t Knox specifically that [my parents] encouraged but rather the small liberal arts college experience in general. I was told, as I have now come to learn, that it’s hard to complain about the small classes, excellent resources, and close knit community amongst students and faculty.” -- Jessica Wise, Cary, Illinois

Family members join the legacy student photograph.

“My father, Richard K. Buchman was a member of the Knox class of ’76. My Brother, Kyle Buchman ’05, was a chemistry major at Knox; he was accepted as a first-year into Rush Medical School in Chicago. Both my brother and father loved the professors and class sizes. I visited my brother up here a few times and fell in love with the campus and small class sizes. I chose to come to Knox early in my senior year of high school, and I now play golf here. I plan to major in political science.” -- Nicholas Ryan Buchman, Murphysboro, Illinois

“My uncle, Ed Martin, graduated from Knox in 1977.  He studied Russian.” -- Stephanie Martin, Streator, Illinois