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Bound for Besançon & Barcelona

Bound for Bescancon and BarcelonaThanks to those alumni who responded to our last Flashback photo. We were able to identify a few folks in the photo, but we're still missing most. If you see anyone you whom we haven't identified, please let us know at

1. Stella Polchowski Solliday '67
2. Loretta Messina Potash '68
3. Carol Siegel Clegg '71
4. Barbara Lantski Edwards '69 (misidentified in the print Knox Magazine as Patty Curtis Pfitsch '70)
5. Margaret Binnion Hart '68
6. Chris Bergstrom '67
7. Professor Elna Jeffries
8. John Welch '67
9. Professor Sherman Brown
10. Jeremy Gladstone '69
11. Alan Fox '68

From Stella Polchowski Solliday '67: "What a jolt to the memory to see the photo of our Besançon departure. I didn't recognize myself at first but quickly realized the familiar navy blue suit belonged to me and not the flight attendant. The photo was taken at O'Hare Airport on our way to New York to transfer to that wonderful prop jet of Icelandic Airlines and to be joined by more participants from the East Coast. We were served cognac and apples on the plane. We also had to stop for a few hours in Iceland for refueling and mechanical adjustments. It was my first plane ride, and I did not sleep a wink. Thanks for the memories."

From Barry Diamond '68: I'm pretty sure -- actually, almost positive -- that the tall, blond girl to the left of No. 10 is Jane Wall '68, from LaJolla, California. Jane was a French major and went to Besancon in our junior year, I believe. The reason I'm so sure is that I dated Jane the year before she left for France, and were pinned. That photo really brought back some lovely, but bittersweet memories for me. I was quite sad that she was gone the entire year. The last I heard (and it was many years ago) Jane was living in Chicago.

From Diane Burwig Beardsley '68: I recognize Jacquelyn Piraino '68 standing third from the left in the front row. I believe that is Jane Wall '68 standing in the back next to #10.

From Jeremy Gladstone '69: The person on the right of Peggy Binnion Hart '68 is Rosie Miceli White '69. Behind Professor Sherman Brown are two students from either Coe or Cornell. Their names, I believe, are Cindy Rohrschach and John. The quality of the photo and my failing eyesight and memory make it difficult for me to be of much more use than that. What more can I say? Perhaps that I wouldn't be where I am (Besancon) had I not gone on that trip.

From Barb Lantiski Edwards '69: I would like to submit a correction to the identification of the "Bound for Besancon and Barcelona" pix in your latest Knox Magazine. The picture identifies #4 as Patty Curtis Pfitsch -- this is incorrect because the person in the picture is me. I am talking about the person fourth from the left in the front row. Also, I can identify two other people. The person third from the left (between 2 and 4) is Jacqueline Piraino '68 and the person sixth from the left is Rosie Miceli White '69. It was quite a shock to see myself wrongly identified -- otherwise I really enjoyed seeing the picture. I remember a number of others, but cannot remember full names. Thank you for making the correction.

From Jacqueline Piraino '68: I am standing between Lorrie Messina Potash '68 and Barbara Lantski Edwards '69. Rosie Miceli White '69 is next to Peggy Binnion Hart '68. Jane Wall '68 is just to the right of Jeremy Gladstone '69. Cosette Daane Freeman '69 and Carol Seabright Christensen '68 (now deceased) are in the back row to the right of Professor Jeffries and behind Chris Bergstrom '67. Number 3 can't be from the class of '71 as they were not yet in school when we left in the fall of '67. Class of '70 had entered that fall. It is more likely Sue Barry Flandreau '68.

From Ted Fagerburg '71 (and Besancon '69-'70): I don't think you are correct in identifying Carol Siegel Clegg in the photo. Carol was in our group in 1969-1970, so would not have been in the group shown. Additional evidence of this is the years of graduation of the students. Most are noted at '67, '68, and '69, whereas Carol graduated in 1971. One of the people in the pic might be Mary Alice Schlenker Serafini '69, but I'm not sure about that.