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I Love Leland

Leland Harris, a beloved professor who taught chemistry at Knox for 29 years, passed way in June 2007. One of his former students submitted this photo to Knox's archives after his passing. The photo was taken on "Chrome Dome Day" in spring 1982.

Knox alumni helped us identify Professor Harris's biggest fans:

Left to right: Mary Ann Bohaty Osborne '84, Unidentified, Wing-Fui (Kevin) Leong '84, Jay Plich '84, Dave Hockett '83, Shirlee Sandborg '76, Leticia Agenlian DeMaio '83, Kin-Peng Chan '84, Jennifer Sturgis '84, Claire Bailey Roehl '84, Leland Harris, Mike Clay '84, Brian Anderson '84, Craig Weber '83, Mark Fowler '84, Claudia Wagner Dery '83, Cathy Best '83, Tracy Lund Nakajima '83, Sue Payne Etheridge '83, Stanley (Buck) Johnson Jr. '84, Sharon Shillereff '82, Terry Devlin '83, Al Peaslee '84.

Brian Anderson '84 says of the photo, "Believe it or not, I still have the shirt. Twenty-six years later the hair's a little shorter and the shirt's a little tighter, but I still love Leland."