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Spring 2005

Volume 89, Issue 1

Since the announcement of the impending closure of the Galesburg, Illinois, Maytag plant in 2002, Knox has received numerous inquiries on the state of our local economy from its alumni and friends. In response to such queries, this issue of Knox Magazine provides an in-depth look at the factors that led to the closure of the Galesburg plant -- globalization -- and how both Galesburg and other areas have handled this world-wide economic trend.

Read the President’s Message, Editor's Note and Letters to the Editor.

A Primer on Globalization: Globalization is one of the transcendent economic and political forces of our time. Whether watching in dismay as factory jobs move overseas, savoring the joys of fine imported wines, or reflecting with relief that foreign investors are willing to finance the American budget and trade deficits, we are continually reminded that economies are becoming increasingly more interdependent. Read more.

Globalization on the Prairie: On May 8, 2003, factory workers gathered outside the Sodexho conference center in Newton, Iowa, to protest the Maytag Corporation’s decision to relocate its Galesburg refrigerator plant. From a makeshift PA system on the back of a pickup truck outside the company’s shareholder meeting, Machinists Local 2063 -- the once-formidable union at the Galesburg factory -- blasted Bruce Springsteen and criticized the corporate decision-makers gathered inside. Read more.

Views from South of the Border: As the effects of economic globalization spread across the country, the perception that foreign countries, especially Mexico, are benefiting from lost American jobs is steadily growing. Read more.

On Making FP: It’s not unusual to come across a group of Knox professors hanging around campus during the summer. It’s also not unusual for these professors to be engaged in deep discussion over a book or course. What is unusual is to see a group of 20 or more Knox professors sitting around a table in Old Main engaged in a kind of mock class, teaching each other First-Year Preceptorial or, as it is known to generations of alumni, FP. Read more.

Outstanding Alumni, Outstanding Achievements: Each Founders Day, Knox College presents the Alumni Achievement Award. Created to recognize meritorious achievement and/or outstanding service to nation, society or community, the award is given to those alumni who have been nominated by their peers for their outstanding life achievements. Three alumni were awarded 2005 Alumni Achievement Awards at the Founders Day celebration on February 17, 2005. Read a complete interview with each award recipient.

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