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Knox Magazine Archives

Did you miss the last issue of Knox Magazine?

Are you having problems finding that one article that you want to share with your friends?

Don't worry. Knox Magazine archives are available online, beginning with the Spring 2005 issue. If you still can't find an article or would like to request additional copies of Knox Magazine, feel free to contact the Editor for additional assistance.

Archived Issues

Fall 2013 Knox Magazine

Fall 2013

In the fall 2013 Knox Magazine, see where college and community meet through KnoxCorps, learn how alumni are living their education, meet a few of the Knox faculty who take courses from their colleagues, and see how trees are a natural punctuation mark on the story that is Knox.

Spring 2013 Knox Magazine

Spring 2013

In the spring 2013 Knox Magazine, follow the cross-country adventure of two international students, find out why David Fridovich '74 is compelled to lead, and view Knox at night.

Fall 2012 Knox Magazine

Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Knox Magazine includes stories on how a poem by Carl Sandburg became the guiding force behind the College's 175th anniversary, the feeding of the local community, and a very non-traditional student.

Fall 2011 Knox Magazine

Spring 2012

This commemorative issue of Knox Magazine is dedicated to the rich and storied history of Knox College. President Teresa L. Amott opens the issue with an essay on the vision of Knox's founders and the continuing importance of a liberal arts education. The articles that follow explore a few of the people, places, events, and traditions that have contributed to Knox's storied history -- from long-lost campus traditions to an exploration of student activism on campus; from first-hand accounts of significant historical and athletic events to visions of the prairie, odes to pioneering alumni, and a guide to the final resting place of our founders.

Fall 2011 Knox Magazine

Fall 2011

Fall 2011 kicks off the celebration of the 175th anniversary of Knox College's founding. In honor of this special anniversary, Knox Magazine asked the Knox community what it loves most about Knox. This issue highlights the 17.5 most popular responses to that question.

Knox Magazine Spring 2010 Cover

Spring 2011

For nearly a decade, Roger Taylor and his wife, Anne, have led Knox through one of its most challenging, demanding, and, ultimately, successful eras. Under the Taylor's leadership, Knox remained true to its historic mission and maintained, even improved, its status as one of the nation's leading undergraduate institutions. This issue of Knox Magazine celebrates the Taylors and their tenure at Knox.

Fall 2010 Knox Magazine

Fall 2010

Knox is recognized among its peers as a pioneer in the promotion of undergraduate research and creative work. This issue of Knox Magazine traces the history of student research at Knox and profiles students who epitomize what it means to pursue original knowledge at a liberal arts college.

Knox Magazine Spring 2010 Cover

Spring 2010

Knox's art and art history programs have successfully emerged from their most intensive period of change in the last 25 years, reaffirming their status as core components of Knox's liberal arts curriculum. Knox Magazine explores the history of art and art history at Knox and how they have expanded their offerings beyond the boundaries of the Knox campus and curriculum.

Fall 2009 Knox Magazine

Fall 2009

More and more people want to know where their food comes from, how it's grown, how it's prepared, and what impact it has on themselves and the world. Knox Magazine follows food from field to fork looking for answers to the questions, tasting some great food along the way.

Spring 2009 Knox Magazine

Spring 2009

For nearly 15,000 alumni, Knox College was an important stop on the journey to adulthood. In other words, they have "grown up Knox." Knox Magazine explores what growing up Knox means to the Knox community, from legacy students to members of the fall 2009 entering class to the latest inductees of the Fifty Year Club.

Fall 2008 Knox Magazine

Fall 2008

The 2008 presidential election was viewed to be one of the most important American elections in recent history. With such an important event around the corner, it was impossible for Knox Magazine not to cover it.

Knox Magazine Spring 2008

Spring 2008

Thanks to cable television, the internet, and 24-hour news cycles, it’s impossible to escape pop culture. This is of Knox Magazine looks at how pop culture has made its way into the halls and classrooms of Knox College.

Knox Magazine Fall 2007

Fall 2007

One-hundred-fifty years ago Old Main opened its doors for Knox students, faculty, staff, and visitors alike. This issue of Knox Magazine celebrates the history and memories of Knox's most beloved campus building.

Knox Magazine Spring 2007

Spring 2007

Knox's curricular offerings in the sciences have significantly grown over the past three years, opening doors for students. This issue of Knox Magazine provides an in-depth look at these new programs.

Knox Magazine Fall 2006

Fall 2006

 This issue of Knox Magazine explores Knox's various connections to this region. Roy Anderson, Robert Seibert '63, and Jon Wagner, authors of Politics and Change in the Middle East, serve as guest editors.

Knox Magazine Spring 2006

Spring 2006

This issue of Knox Magazine highlights the Knox alumni, students, and programs that embody one of the College's oldest and venerable traditions -- the tradition of innovation.

Knox Magazine Fall 2005

Fall 2005

A Commitment to Community, featuring profiles of eight members of the Knox community who are dedicated to community service, and an interview with United States Senator Barack Obama.

 Knox Magazine Spring 2005

Spring 2005

Getting a Handle on Globalization, featuring "A Primer on Globalizaion" by Keith Maskus '76, "Globalization on the Prairie" by Chad Broughton, associate professor of anthropology and sociology, and much more.