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Snapshots of Homecoming 2011

View highlights of Homecoming 2011 to the accompaniment of On the Steps of Old Main, performed by a group of Knox students at Homecoming Convocation. The words and music were written by Sam Brownson '12 and performed by Brownson, Harrison Graham '13, Nathaniel Beck '13, and Oliver Horton '12. The lyrics for the song are below the video.

Words and music by Sam Brownson '12

Sam Brownson '12, guitar and lead vocals
Harrison Graham '13, violin
Nathaniel Beck '13, percussion and vocals
Oliver Horton '12, bass and vocals

Sharley* the poet
Called her a child of time
A symbol of the promise
Of the young American mind
And one man spoke before her with his arms open
Toward the ones time had left standing by

The rooms hold the power
Of a thousand dreams
The bell that struck the hour
Rings inside my memories
And the hopes of every ancestor asleep
Lives here in the air over me

And it feels like a home,
Has been built in my soul
Each time that I'm found
Blessing the ground
That surrounds Old Main

Lucid on the front lawn
The clouds fall from the stars
I feel the weight of our golden days
Before we grew apart
But I will not forget all that we are
Though the years pass this life is still ours


From the prairies** to the grove,
The chorus of the railroad,
Is in my hands and my feet,
So keep carrying me,
Fan the prairie flame


*Carl Sandburg. Sharley was the nickname
affectionately given to him by his wife.
** Also the name for a steam locomotive.