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1964, students on crane top moved as prank from memorial gym

The Class of 1964 will return to the Knox College campus to celebrate its 50th Reunion at Homecoming 2014, October 10-12. The 50th Reunion Committee is already making plans for this milestone event, and Karen Hummel Crumbliss and Linda Bodensiek Schoneberger have agreed to head up the Committee as Reunion co-chairs. If you have some great ideas to share for special events, e-mail class correspondent Mike Lawrence.

In addition to planning a memorable event, the Reunion Committee is also  committed to encouraging classmates to consider a meaningful 50th Reunion contribution. What better time to reflect upon the 

role that Knox College has had in your life than during your 50th Reunion? A significant gift can express your gratitude for your Knox experience during this milestone year and can enrich the Knox experience for future generations of students. Instead of setting a dollar goal or choosing one project for the Class to support, the Committee decided that each classmate should decide individually how to commemorate this special Reunion, over and above their annual Knox Fund gift.

1964 co-ed football

To help make the decision, here is a list of giving possibilities (PDF). If you would like to contribute to something that's not on the list, you can contact Megan Clayton.  All gifts will count during the three year period between July 1, 2012-June 30, 2015.  

Here's an update on the 50th Reunion class gift:

$432,000 raised to date

50% Participation to Date (goal of 50%)

Your 50th Reunion only happens once, so consider joining your classmates and friends. Share favorite stories, remember your college days, laugh, reminisce, and catch up with all that has happened in the last 50 years. Most of all, celebrate your Knox experience with those who shared it with you.

Reconnect with Classmates and Friends
You can find contact information for members of the Class of 1964 in the Knox Online Community. You will need to be a member of the community to view the information. When you look up information in the Knox Online Community, you will be prompted to log in. If you are not a member of the online community, go to "Click here for First Time Login." If you forgot your login information, click "Forgot your username?" and follow the prompts. You can search for individuals by name or view the entire class by choosing the class year. Check back often, since this information is frequently updated.

See who is planning to attend the Reunion:
(Those with an * have officially registered)
David Ackerman*
L. John Auten*
Elizabeth Ayson
Lynn Melcher Barrett*
Michael Baylor*
Robert Brands
Cynthia L. Brown
Donna Eggleston Brown
Bill E. Buck
Patricia Wilson Butts
Deborah McAlpine Christensen
Millicent Handrich Chrusciel
Marilyn K. Clarke*
Otis Cowan, Jr.
Alvin L. Crumbliss*
Karen Hummel Crumbliss*
Bill Culbertson
Edward J. Dellin, Jr.*
Peter J. Di Ciaula*
Colin Doyle
Linda Kathryn Dybas
Stewart B. Dyke
George Edwards
David H. Eiss*
Avis Sorenson Erickson*
Barbara Kothe Fiala*
Arthur Fredricks*
James E. French*
Stephen H. Gamble*
Catherine Henderson Gardner
Robert H. Glorch
Elaine Fleming Granzine*
Raymond Greenwald
Alan J. Harland
Virginia Lund Johanson*
Charles F. Junod*
Takashi Kurisaka
J. Terrence Klopcic
Michael J. Lawrence
Nancy Anderson Levin
Cassandra McGovern*
Tom Maibach
Stephen L. Marsh
George J. Matkov, Jr.
Virginia H. Meeker*
Sally McFadden Mills*
Jennifer Griffin Moore*
William Mudgett*
Lawrence Murdock*
Leslie Martens Nauta*
Gary L. Nies
Pamela Norton Nelson*
Wayne Parks*
Shripad G. Pendse*
Jack E. Pfaffmann
Jo Ann Dworzynski Pierce
Michael W. Pope*
Martha Peterson Riley*
Jo Ann Ooiman Robinson
Susan Deller Ross*
Ray Santini
Mary Kula Schoenheider
Linda Bodensiek Schoneberger*
Glenn L. Scott
Donald L. Shriver*
Gabrielle D'Elia Shufeldt*
Anastasia Stallos
Nancy Schmid Stanley
Fay B. Stevenson-Smith*
Patricia White Strasberg
Diane Lipke Swan
Susan Taub
Jean Scott Welch

See who is supporting the 50th Reunion Campaign:
David M. Ackerman
Thomas M. Alloway
L. John Auten
Lynn Melcher Barrett
Leandro A. Bartolini
Frederick E. Barton
Michael G. Baylor
William M. Bomash
Ralph R. Bouma
Cynthia L. Brown
Bill Buck
Georgianne Jugelt Buhr
Patricia Wilson Butts
Jean Howell Card
Deborah McAlpine Christensen
Millicent Handrich Chrusciel
Marilyn K. Clarke
Neil S. Collins
Sandra Allison Cooper
Otis Cowan, Jr.
Alvin L. Crumbliss
Karen Hummel Crumbliss
William R. Culbertson
Peter Di Ciaula
Linda Kathryn Dybas
Stewart Dyke
Kathy Molda East
George W. Edwards
David H. Eiss
Avis Sorenson Erickson
Barbara Kothe Fiala
Arthur P. Fredericks
James E. French
Stephen H. Gamble
Catherine Henderson Gardner
Jane A. Goldman
Elaine Fleming Granzine
Raymond A. Greenwald
David L. Grossman
John P. Hesemann
Claudia Love Hopkins
Yutaka Horiba
Teresa Kay Jackson
Virginia Lund Johanson
James W. Johnson
Marilyn Ohta Johnson
Michael P. Johnson
Charles F. Junod
Bonnie Poston Kaiser
Ann Wisshack Kamano
Billie Starkey King
J. Terrence Klopcic
Mary A. Koerner
Takashi Kurisaka
James G. Lawrence
Michael J. Lawrence
Ronald L. Lebeiko
Nancy Anderson Levin
Kathryn Hoebel Lubecke
Carol L. Marker
Josephine Marquis
Stephen Marsh
Jean M. Martin
George J. Matkov, Jr.
Karen Freedlund McCauley
Cassandra McGovern
Melody Maltby McGuire
Virginia H. Meeker
Jennifer Griffin Moore
Lawrence E. Murdock
Leslie Martens Nauta
Pamela Norton Nelson
Gary L. Nies
G. Todd Norvell
Lorelei Lehwalder Norvell
Margaret Tvaroh Overtoom
Wayne R. Parks
Shripad G. Pendse
Donald P. Perry
Jack E. Pfaffmann
Michael W. Pope
Martha Peterson Riley
Jo Ann Ooiman Robinson
Susan Deller Ross
Mary Kula Schoenheider
Linda Bodensiek Schoneberger
Jacqueline Yates Scolari
Glenn L. Scott
Leighton R. Scott
Donald L. Shriver
Gabrielle D'Elia Shufeldt
Ronald C. Slatin
Jeffrey M. Snow
David H. Soskin
Anne Fribolin Stagg
Anastasia Stallos
Nancy Schmid StanleyFay B. Stevenson-Smith
R. Denison Stewart (deceased)
Patricia White Strasberg
Diane Lipke Swan
Lynn Regenburg Tagge
John D. Thomas
Carol M. Thompson
Eloise Choy-Hee Thompson
Margaret R. Keleher Wagner
Virginia Clay Welch
Lloyd A. Wright
Janet Olsen Zamrazil

50th Reunion Committee:

Otis Cowan
Karen Hummel Crumbliss, co-chair
Linda Kathryn Dybas
Stewart B. Dyke
David H. Eiss
Barbara Kothe Fiala
Stephen H. Gamble
Charles F. Junod
Michael J. Lawrence, class correspondent
George "Iggy" Matkov
Wayne R. Parks
Shripad "Sam" Pendse
Michael W. Pope
Glenn Scott
Linda Bodensiek Schoneberger, co-chair
Mary Kula Schoenheider
Anastasia Stallos
Fay B. Stevenson-Smith

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