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Knox College Changes Lives

Two decades ago, Loren Pope's best-selling book, Looking Beyond the Ivy League, broke away from the established system of ratings and rankings.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a college counselor and former education editor of The New York Times, Pope looked for schools that made a difference for students, and he identified Knox as one of the best examples in higher education of a "college that changes lives."

How Knox Changes Lives: Students and Alumni Speak

Thoroughly updated for today's prospective students and families, Colleges That Change Lives continues Loren Pope's revolutionary approach to comparing colleges and finding the one that's right for you.

Renowned for revealing details about colleges beyond numerical rankings, the book advises:

"Knox delivers an elite education to a diverse group of students... Knox is a place that will take you seriously, no matter where you grew up or what kind of high school you attended.... the focus is on cultivating your potential, stretching your limits, and sharpening your values so that when you leave, you are captain of your fate and master of your soul."
-- Colleges That Change Lives, 2013 Edition

"The new edition of Colleges That Change Lives maintains its emphasis on helping students find schools like Knox that value diversity, potential and initiative," said Paul Steenis, Dean of Admission at Knox.

"Colleges That Change Lives is an excellent resource that encourages students, as we do at Knox, to look for a college based experiences on campus -- student-faculty relationships, learning styles, and support for opportunities."

Released worldwide by Penguin, edited and revised by Hilary Masell Oswald, Colleges That Change Lives 2013 features new information about the colleges and interviews with students, faculty and staff.

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