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Why Knox

There are many reasons to choose Knox. But there are five in particular that we think make Knox an ideal place to learn.

You'll develop your own educational plan. Working closely with your faculty advisor, you'll develop your own personal educational plan uniquely suited to your educational goals and aspirations in life. Your plan will guide you through your four years at Knox and give you complete ownership of your education.

You'll learn from accomplished scholars who are committed to teaching. The faculty at Knox come here for the opportunity to work closely with students in an environment that encourages conversation and collaboration. Since they are also active artists, scientists, writers and thinkers, they're keenly in touch with the latest developments in their fields and eager to share their real-world experience with their students.

You'll have a wealth of opportunities to apply your education. Knox students are a curious, adventurous and independent bunch, and Knox encourages that curiosity and independence by awarding more than $200,000 annually to individual students for undergraduate research. In addition, Knox offers more than 30 off-campus study programs that send students to countries all over the world. You can also get valuable real world experience through one of the many internship opportunities Knox provides.

You'll live on a diverse, stimulating campus. More than 11% of Knox students come from overseas (U.S.News & World Report ranked Knox among the 30 most international liberal arts colleges), and 26% are American students of color (U.S. News & World Report also ranked Knox among the country's most diverse campuses). Knox students also come from a wide variety of religious and socio-economic backgrounds. The vibrant mix of cultures, languages and perspectives they bring with them make for a campus that truly reflects the increasing interconnectedness of our world. Couple that diversity with Knox's unique penchant for self-expression, conversation and tolerant debate, and you've got a place where even the simplest social interaction becomes an opportunity to learn and grow.

You'll acquire the freedom to flourish. The breadth and depth of a Knox education will provide you with the skills, information and independence that you need to flourish in any endeavor. Our alumni are the proof. Knox is in the top 2 percent of all institutions that produce successful Ph.D. candidates and ranks 11th in math and science candidates. Knox alumni successfully pursue a wide variety of careers in business, science, the arts, and social services. They include attorneys, physicians, CEOs, college professors, computer programmers, teachers, artists, writers and business consultants. In addition, many Knox graduates enter the Peace Corps or build careers of service in government and the nonprofit sector.