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What Students Say

Students Share Their Buenos Aires Experiences

Students feel the excursions are a highlight to studying abroad in Argentina. For many students, studying abroad is a life-changing event -- a chance to become a part of another culture, expand horizons, and make cross-cultural friendships. These students share their experiences:

"The two trips we took to Iguazú and Patagonia were amazing. I think it is so important to see the great diversity that Argentina has to offer outside of Buenos Aires, and they were just a ton of fun!"

"Simply learning about a culture I knew virtually nothing about before coming here. Just day to day interactions with Argentine's, eating regional foods, and soaking up a whole new culture of people is one of the most valuable things one can learn I think, gaining a broader perspective on life."

-- Lindsay Fondow, Psychology major, Spanish minor, Roseville, Minnesota

"For me, having local friends was a window of opportunity not only to practice language, but to learn about the history, current political climate, and problems of contemporary Argentine society as perceived by students of my age."

"Studying abroad has certainly been the most poignant experience during my time at Knox. It has very much become a major part of my personality and interests. All of my study abroad experiences, but in particular my time in Argentina, have motivated me to pursue human rights activism in my future career, and has awakened a real love for the Spanish language."

-- Rebecca Ganster, Integrated International Studies major, San Diego, California

"The trip to Patagonia was fantastic because you got to get out of the busy city and do something a bit more centered around nature."

"The lifestyle in general was actually pretty good, but the fact that you can sleep, wake up at 1am and whatever is going on that night is just getting started is great. There really is something to do at any time during the day."

-- Dana Jenkins, Spanish and Anthropology-Sociology major, Oak Park, Illinois

"The program is more than playing around in some foreign land; you truly get a sense of Argentina. You are immersed not just in the language but in the Argentine life, politics, and natural beauty. Students don't observe porteno culture, they become it."

-- Devon Hogan, Anthropology and Sociology major, Journalism minor, Lemont, Illinois

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