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Studying and Living in Buenos Aires

Four students enjoy the view of the Southern Andes.Studying, participating in the life of the city, and living with your host family add up to an experience that will shape your academic, intellectual, and social life. It's life, Buenos Aires style!

The program's office and classrooms are located at the University of Palermo. It is an urban institution with its buildings and facilities located in a central, yet quite residential neighborhood easily reached by public transportation. You will have access to the computer center, library, and to all the facilities, including sports. Shops, an elegant shopping mall, restaurants, cafés, bookstores, movie houses, and apartment buildings surround the University.

Buenos Aires is a large city with excellent public transportation: subways, buses, and suburban trains. A number of students may live within walking distance from the university; others will use public transportation. The surrounding areas offer sports ranging from horseback riding to water skiing, and opportunities such as visiting a ranch, or walking vast beaches on the Atlantic. Besides being the cultural capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is also the industrial and economic center of the country with a metropolitan population of about 14 million people.

The Resident Director (a professor from Knox College), the Assistant Director, the Argentine Program Director, and the Housing Coordinator will be at the Buenos Aires airport to welcome you. You will stay at a hostel as a group for an initial two day orientation period where you'll have the opportunity to learn about your new city and host family. That will be followed by a week-long orientation at UP where you will have the chance to meet your Argentine professors.

You will live and eat your meals with your Argentine family. Thus you are plunged into the Argentine life and are encouraged to speak Spanish immediately upon arrival. The relationship that you'll develop with your host family is a close one and becomes one of the most valuable and cherished experiences of your stay. The homestay is one of the cornerstones of the program.

Argentine Holidays and Festivals
While in Buenos Aires, you'll experience several Spanish festivals. Enjoy a day off from school, have a picnic in the park, and join friends for a party in a disco on "Día del Estudiante" or "Day of the Student" which takes place on September 21st. "Día de la Diversidad Cultural" (October 12th) is a festive national holiday which celebrates the ethnic and cultural diversity in Argentina and Latin America on the date Christopher Columbus first set foot on the Americas and is celebrated with a break from classes.

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