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Academic Program

The Knox College Program in Argentina

Courses of Study
A student's course of study is determined according to current program offerings and the student's individual needs. All courses are taught in Spanish by University of Palermo professors, and all assignments and examinations are prepared and corrected by them. Students pursue a combination of courses, the majority chosen from those offered by the program. Additional courses can be selected from the regular university courses. Tutoring in Spanish is available to all participants.

Students learn outside the classroom in Iguazu Falls on their study abroad trip to Argentina.Program courses include:

Advanced Spanish (SPAN 240)
Latin American Art (ART 234)
Argentine Society and Culture (ANSO 202)
Latin American Literature (SPAN 312)
Argentine Literature (SPAN 313)
Modern Latin America (History) (HIST 314)

Evolution of Argentine Society (History) (PS 332)  
Politics and Government in Latin America (PS 331)
Argentine Social Cinema (SPAN 333)

Radio Workshop (JOUR 234)

In addition to the courses, a series of Educational Day Trips (EDT) are programmed specifically for the Knox Progam. Some of these include meetings with human rights groups, visits to memory sites, conversations with filmmakers and other artists, and on-site visit of environmental justice state agencies and reclaimed factories. 

Students are graded according to the U.S. system, and letter grades are given for all courses taken. Grade criteria include oral and written work, exams, class participation, and attendance.

Transcripts will be sent out by the Knox College Registrar upon written request of the student (forms available from the Director). One transcript is included in the program fee.

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