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Meet the Directors

Resident Director and On-Campus Director for the Knox Program in Besancon

The Director takes students on educational trips, such as to this city of Ornans.Resident Director
While you're in Besançon, your Resident Director will become your advisor, your R.A., your confidant, and your tour guide, doing everything from picking you up at the airport and assisting you in selecting a host family to advising you on courses to take and restaurants to try. Your Resident Director will take you out for your birthday, to the movies, and the theater. And don't forget, your director will also serve as a great resource for historical, cultural and political aspects of France.

The Resident Director for the Knox Program in Besançon is Schahrazede Longou, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures-French. Professor Longou joined the Knox faculty in 2008 as a visiting professor and accepted the tenure-track position of assistant professor of modern languages the following year. She received her master's and Ph.D. degrees in French literature and Francophone World Studies from the University of Iowa. Some of her teaching interests include the twentieth century French novel, literature and films by writers and filmmakers of North Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia), and Algerian women writers.

On-campus Director
If you're considering participation in the Knox Program in Besançon, our On-campus Director can provide additional details about the program and help you with questions about courses offered, academic credit, student visa applications, and other important paperwork.

The On-campus Director also holds informational meetings about the program and will meet with you to discuss the most appropriate time frame for your study abroad experience. The On-campus Director also manages the selection of candidates for the program.

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