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Answers for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions about the Knox Program in Besancon

You'll find that your student quickly assimilates their new surroundings.Q. How do I contact my child while he or she is abroad?

A. Your child can receive calls at his or her host family's home. Most students also purchase cell phones and can receive calls this way as well. Please keep in mind the time difference: Besan?on is seven hours ahead of Chicago, which is in the Central Standard Time Zone.

Many families make previous arrangements to call on a certain day and time each month. Students also have easy access to e-mail. If for any reason you are having trouble getting in touch with your child, you can contact the Resident Director, Caesar Akuetey, at

Director 's residence: 011-333-81-81-46-51 (Direct dial from the US)
Program Office: 011-333-81-88-57-93

Q. If I want to send something to my child via "snail mail," how should I address it?

A. Your child's name
c/o Resident Director, Knox in Besancon
10, avenue Fontaine Argent
25000 Besancon

Q. What kinds of expenses can I expect my child to have?

A. Remember that all housing, meals, and program-sponsored events are included. We also give students a $200 cash allowance for travel during the December holiday break and spring break.

Students often take advantage of the weekends to travel, and would need their own money for that. Since fewer books are required for courses, and books are less expensive here than in the U.S., this will be a minimal expense for your student.

Finally, keep in mind that Besancon has a very social culture, meaning students will spend more time ?out and about? having coffees, going to movies, or out for an occasional meal than they might in the U.S., and will therefore need a bit more 'fun money' than usual.

Q. My child seems homesick. What should I do?

A. Please try not to be alarmed; keep in mind that it is common for students to feel overwhelmed after they first arrive and to call home feeling a bit distressed. During these first few days, students are struggling to adjust to their new surroundings and trying to communicate in another language and culture. They also haven't yet had time to build a relationship with their host family.

Listen and sympathize, then encourage your child to stay positive. Suggest that he or she talk with the Resident Director who can offer suggestions and support for coping with the stresses of beginning an immersion experience.

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