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Costs and Expenses

Program fees cover excursions like to this weekend hike on the Camino de Santiago.Though modest increases may occur, the 2011-2012 Program Fees are:

Full year $41,152
Two terms $27,435
One term $13,717

Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive an exact schedule of fees and refunds. Financial aid is available.

Program fees do not include transportation to Spain, but the Program Assistant will make the arrangements for departure. For more information, contact Sunshine Regiacorte, Program Assistant, at

What's included in the cost of the program?

  • all housing, meals, and program-sponsored events
  • one-week orientation (includes a hotel stay in the old Gothic Quarter)
  • educational excursions each term
  • $200 travel reimbursements during December holiday break and Spring break
  • 50% reimbursement of the student rate ticket price for Spanish cultural activities (such as movies, plays, and museums)
  • two-week tour of Spain in December (for students studying the full year and both Fall and Winter terms)
  • three season tickets (shared among interested students) to RCD Español soccer games
  • access to Knox on-site library containing travel books, films, and some of the texts needed for your courses

What additional expenses should I prepare for?

  • daily transportation to and from the university (ten rides cost about seven dollars)
  • travel around Spain and other parts of Europe (which students often do on their three-day weekends)
  • books (although they are less expensive than in the U.S. and will be a minimal expense)
  • "fun money" for coffees, going out to eat, and going "out and about" (the price of a coffee or soda is $1.50)
  • other incidentals: cell phone, film, batteries, toiletries, etc.

Financial Aid
Knox College students currently receiving financial aid may use their financial aid toward program costs. Students from other colleges should check with their home school regarding off-campus study and financial aid policies.

Awards and Scholarships Available
Sherman W. Brown Memorial
This prize is awarded by the Modern Languages Department to a student planning to attend an overseas program who shows promise of outstanding academic performance while overseas. Preference is given to a student participating in the Barcelona program.

Veneziano Travel Fund
This scholarship, established in memory of Natalie Veneziano '98, is awarded by the Spanish Department . It is designed to help students defray the cost of study in Barcelona. Funds from this scholarship are to be used toward the cost of travel to and from Spain. Students studying in Barcelona for two terms or more and showing financial need will be given first consideration.

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship
This federally funded program is sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, The Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program, is open to those students who are receiving federal Pell Grants. Students must apply for this grant.

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