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Horizons Student Presenters

Horizons presentations include posters, videos, and art displays in order to communicate the wide variety of approaches to undergraduate research conducted by Knox students.

The projects also explore a range of academic disciplines, including art, literature, psychology, mathematics, political science, and gender studies. Experiential learning opportunities that will be presented include a study abroad experience, an apprenticeship, and participation in directing a play. Students will be better prepared to carry out higher-level academic research as a result of their experiences in undergraduate research at Knox.

2014 Horizons Presenters

Ruth Amerman '14
The Authentic Relationship: Social Conditioning and the Tendency to Act in Bad Faith

Amanda Axley '14
"Gingerbread Antiquity:" The Fairy Tale in The Turn of the Screw

Nicole Baldino '15
"Remember, We are Dealing With The Human Form:" Fugue and Fluidity in the Works of David Lynch

Evan Balzuweit '14
Detecting/Improving Novice Programmer Performance

Michael Belitz '14
Assessing the Invertebrate Composition of Reconstructed Prairies

Nicolette Bridgeforth '15
Success in the Community: Determining the Success of the Intentional Communities of Galesburg Colony, Bishop Hill, and Jonestown

Thomas Courtright '14
Corruption and the Chinese in Tanzania and Zambia

Colin Coutts '14
Apprenticeship with Berlin Artist Erik Schmidt

Allison Diamond '14
Dramaturgical Research for In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) by Sarah Ruhl

Drew Diaz '14
Contextualization of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction

Alex Domasik '15
Archaeology and Tourism for Economic Development

Jeremy Edison '14
Analytic Number Theory and the Distribution of the Primes

Kailee Gawlik '14
Bebop and Political Activism

Alyssa Gill '14
Evil and Its Portrayal on the Stage

Amelia Goranson '14
Be a Helper: The Influence of Linguistic Manipulation on Prosocial Identity

Michael Graf '15
Teaching Parallelism in Java with Executor

Emily Hastings '15
The History and Construction of Elizabethan English Costume

Emily Hastings '15 and Anda Xu '15
Dragonfly Interconnect Topology

Nicole Holtzman '14
My Serbian Story: Three Generations of Serbian Women

Alyssa Kennamer '14
Internship with Berlin Collective Ida Nowhere

Anna Kraemer '14
Sociality and Pallial Volume in Five Corvid Species

Elizabeth Lerum '14
The Netporn Agenda: How Queer Consumers of Online Pornography Navigate a Heteronormative Porn Culture

Bryan Leslie '14
Turmeric and Bacopa Monnieri Mixture Against Effects of Scopolamine Induced Memory and Learning Impairment, an Alzheimer's Model

James Lichtenstein '14
Male Mate Choice and Personality in Zebra Finches

Matthew Lichty '14
Optimizing Ecological Niche Models

Luke Madson '14
Hoplite Ideology: Diachronic Skewing and Martial Exhortation

Marcus McGee '14
Corporatism, Democracy, and Neoliberalism: The Political Economy of the Mexican Drug Trade in the 21st Century

Bradley Musselman '16
Examination of the Structure Function Relationship of Mono and Bis Substituted Dimeric Copper(II) Carboxylate Metallomesogens

Tim O'Neal '14
The Sigma-1 Receptor: A Unique Target for Treatment of Behavioral Changes during Methamphetamine Addiction and Withdrawal

Maricruz Osorio '14
Race Perceptions Amongst Millennials: Willful Ignorance of a Generation?

Laura Pochodylo '14
Girl Talk: The Importance of Girl Group Music

Gabrielle Rajerison '14
The Mistress in the House: Engagement with the Jezebel and Slave Mistress in Feminine (Re)imaginings of American Slavery

Anna Roser '14
Study Abroad and Identity

Erik Smoy '14
Survey of Staphylococcus aureus in the E. & L. Andrew Fitness Center

Carrie Stephen '14
Effects of Herbicides and GMO Corn on Subterranean Macroinvertebrate Diversity in Agricultural Soils in West Central Illinois

Jordyn Stewart '14
Directing Playhouse Creatures 

Michael Supej '15
Synthesis and Characterization of New Iron Complexes for the Hydrosilation of 1-hexene

Marika Takemura '14
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Iron Pre-Catalysts

Nick Wagner '14
Morphological and Molecular Characterization of the Differentiation of C6 Glioma Cells Induced by dbcAMP

Gretchen Walljasper '14
Determining the Role of the Endocytic Protein Intersectin (itsn1) in Early Xenopus laevis Development

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