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Honors Program

Studying the situation of refugee women in Mexico and Denmark. Developing a stainless steel clamp to use in surgery. Taking on WYSIWYG to design a program that uses simple mark-up language. Imagine the possibilities.

Marika Takemura '14

Marika Takemura '14

Chemistry major

Marika's Honors research, which began as a series of independent studies with Professor Helen Hoyt, involves making new anhydrous compounds of iron complexes that promote green chemistry. Upon graduation, Marika hopes to become a medical research scientist through an M.D.-Ph.D. program.

Your independent research, scholarship, and creative work are supported by our nationally-recognized Honors Program, which was cited as one of two model programs in the nation by the federal Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).

Honors may be undertaken as early as your junior year though most projects are conducted during the senior year.  As a candidate for Honors, you'll obtain the endorsement from your department and complete three to five credits (two, in special cases) of advanced study under the supervision and guidance of an interdisciplinary faculty committee.

At the end of your project, you'll defend your thesis or creative project or have it critiqued before a qualified outside examiner, modeling the dissertation defense of many grad programs. Often, Honors projects can jump start you into a meaningful career or top-notch grad program.


Recent Honors Projects

  • The Philosophical Individual and Oppressive Social Structures
  • Improving Computer Science Education Using Cloudcoder
  • Interwar Europe as Seen Through the Spanish War
  • Invertebrate Composition Found in Different Constructed Habitat
  • The Tanzania-Zambia Railway: The Tracks' Tales
  • Dramaturgical Research for In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play) by Sarah Ruhl
  • The Definition of Evil and its Portrayal on the Stage
  • Can Implicating the Self Increase Prosocial Behavior?: The Role of Linguistic Manipulation in Self-Perception of Identity
  • The Princess's Prison: (Re)defining the Female Hero on a Journey of Self-Discovery in Young Adult Fiction in the United States
  • How the Gender Makeup of a Team Affects Teammates of Each Gender
  • Differences in Relative Pallium Volume among Five Corvid Species
  • Feminist or Not?: Female Leadership on the Knox College Campus, 1960-1975
  • The "Netporn Agenda": How Consumers of Non-Mainstream Pornography Navigate a Heteronormative Porn Culture
  • Personality and Male Mate Choice in Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata)
  • The Ideology of the Agrarian Hoplite Class of Ancient Greek City States
  • Political Economy of the Mexican Drug War
  • Role of the Sigma-1 Receptor in the Acquisition of Drug Addiction
  • Migrant Literature: An Intensive Study and Creative Production
  • Entering the Master's House: Feminine Enagement with the Jezebel in the Literature of Four American Women
  • The Depth and Long Term Effects of Study Abroad Compared with Spanish Literature
  • Effects of Pesticides and Insecticides on Subterranean Macroinvertebrate Species in Agricultural Soils in West Central Illinios
  • Intersectin1 Expression in Xenopus laevis
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