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Current Research Projects

What fascinates you? At Knox, research and creative work take on many forms -- from performing at the Body-Mind Centering Conference to making new mixed copper carboxylate dimers in a chemistry lab. Check out the latest work from some of our students.

Current Research and Creative Projects

Amelia Goranson
Amelia Goranson '14
Ford Fellow 

"Oftentimes, small manipulations can have profound effects on behavior, and I hope to contribute to this body of literature with my own findings." 
Laura Pochodylo
Laura Pochodylo '14
Ford Fellow

"It is obviously a dream come true to be able to work at the mecca for rock history and have the opportunity to study and research a topic I've always been interested in within that field."
Thomas Courtright
Thomas Courtright '14
Richter Scholar

"The experiences of several veterans of the southern Africa wars of independence and subsequent civil wars in Mozambique, Angola, and Rhodesia -- combined with combing through the Foreign Ministry files in the Zambian archives -- gave me a quite interesting trove of primary sources on the political environment of the day."
Nicole Holtzman
Nicole Holtzman '14
Ford Fellow

"The Ford Fellowship has assured me that I am capable of conducting research, but it has also assured me that I very much enjoy doing so."
Srichandra Masabathula
Srichandra Masabathula '16

Richter Scholar

"The research I am conducting about brand management and finances of an organization will equip me with multifaceted insights in my quest to positively influence the people of India. "
Gbenga Ojo
Gbenga Ojo '15
Independent Research

"Research in science is as much art as it is science."
Kelsey Witzling
Kelsey Witzling '14

Richter Scholar

"One of the classes I took was taught by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, who developed the Body-Mind Centering approach and helped lay the groundwork for many techniques that I intend to use in my dance/movement therapy career."
Adrita Deb-Burman
Adrita Deb-Burman '15
Richter Scholar

"I'm working with a computer language called Arduino, which is similar to the C- programming language that I learned a few years ago."
Natalie Baldino '15
Natalie Baldino '15
McNair Scholar

"Presenting my research at Berkeley was extremely fulfilling. It was amazing to be in a place with hundreds of other future graduate students as passionate about and dedicated to their research as I am."
John Bergholz
John Bergholz '14
Richter Scholar

"I had seen what this town was like only as a tourist, so I decided to 'dig in' and find out more about the phenomenon of tourism and the identities people manage when in a tourist town."
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