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TRIO Achievement Program

Support to help you meet every challenge

College is a stimulating and challenging environment for every student. Knox offers a range of support to help students fulfill their academic goals and enrich their residential life.

As part of this support, the TRIO Achievement Program is available to students who face special challenges, those who are the first in their family to attend college, or who come from low-income families. The core goal of the TRIO Achievement Program at Knox is to give these students the support they may need to stay in school, to excel in their studies, and to see their academic career through to its successful conclusion.

Participating students work with a team of program coordinators and mentors to design a personalized participation plan that is tailored to individual academic goals and skill levels.

The TRIO Achievement Program assists participating students with:

  • Writing and reading support
  • Extensive and tailored academic guidance
  • A math/science learning laboratory
  • Education-oriented support technology
  • The Peer Mentor Program
  • Exposure to unique cultural activities and events
  • Assessment of competencies and skills
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Career and graduate school planning

The TRIO Achievement Program is a Student Support Services program funded through TRIO legislation. In 2003, Congress appropriated more than $230 million to 1,936 Student Support Services Programs across the country, including the program at Knox College. The TRIO Achievement Program was first established in 1974 at Knox College and continues to foster academic excellence among program participants.

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