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Technology Resources

Campus-wide network and online services

Resources TechnologyYour academic career at Knox comes during a time of great advancement in personal technology, digital media and ubiquitous online communication. From PCs to Internet-enabled cell phones and a growing array of Web sites and Web-based services, students and teachers have access to a vast array of resources they can bring to bear on their studies.

Knox College provides wireless Internet access in all residential halls and classroom buildings, along with e-mail and personal server accounts for all faculty and staff. In addition, the College maintains an array of Web sites, online services, and a special instructional technology office to assist students in their studies and faculty in their instructional and research endeavors.

Computer support
Information Technology Services (ITS) is the core resource providing connectivity and computer support at Knox. ITS maintains a campus-wide wireless network providing Internet access, e-mail and personal server storage; operates the College's phone system; and administers the campus' satellite television services. ITS also operates several specialized classrooms and computer labs across campus.

Classroom technology
Coordinates and facilitates the use of hardware and software in the classroom, and helps to explore new ways to integrate technology with academic goals. The Office of Instructional Technology Support also serves as the campus contact for the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education which provides opportunities for faculty workshops, both in-person and online.

Library services
Knox College operates several library facilities across campus, all connected to the central Seymour Library. The library's main website offers quick access to the online catalog and research resources. Among the online services offered are access to Lexis-Nexis, Proquest, FirstSearch, EbscoHost, JSTOR, ARTSTOR and a range of online journals and resources.

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