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McNair Faculty

Faculty are welcome to serve as mentors for McNair Fellows. Fellows planning their research will make contact with several faculty. Knox faculty who would like more information are encouraged to contact McNair Program Staff. The Program also welcomes faculty to recommend students for admission into the Program. If you are currently a Research Mentor, please see the bottom of this page for links to evaluation and agreements forms.

Here are some recent projects for which faculty have served as McNair Research Mentors:

"Synthesis of Inorganic Liquid-Crystals Using Copper Dimers"
By Omonyele Bancole
Dr. Thomas Clayton, Mentor

"Trends in Dog Histories at the Knox County Humane Society"
By Roberto Castillo
Dr. Judith Thorn, Mentor

"Emotional Intelligence: Is There a Difference Between Chosen Majors?"
By Jacqueline Dehne
Dr. Audrey Klein, Mentor

"The Memoirs of Constantine Spiro Anastasakis"
By Neil Gonzales

Dr. George Steckley, Mentor

"The Ideological Evolution of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense
By Quadir Bruce

Dr. Fred Hord

"The Role of Skin Color in Judgments of Attractiveness"
By Aisha P. Nurse

Dr. Frank McAndrew, Mentor

Resources for McNair Research Mentors:
Mentor Agreement Form
Mid-Summer Research Evaluation Form
Final Summer Research Evaluation Form

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