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Bastian Family Career Center

Center for CareersThe goals of a Knox education include preparing you to pursue your life's ambitions, whatever they may be, personally and professionally. You may come to Knox with a goal in mind, or you may discover your calling after immersing yourself in studies and getting to know more about the world and its many peoples.

Knox graduates take what they've learned to top positions in management, industry, and the arts, or apply it to a wide range of community and public service pursuits. Others continue their studies in top post-graduate programs across the country and around the world.

Knox will be with you every step of the way to help you get the most from your studies, your research and experiential learning, and from life with your fellow students. And that includes helping you define and follow a clear career path you set for yourself.

Charting a course
It's never too early to start mapping out your career goals while planning your courses of study. Each year, the Center hosts the Fall Institute, a chance to step back from the hectic pace of coursework and extracurricular activities to take stock in the purpose of your academic career.

In addition to this and other career events on campus, the Center supports your post-graduate planning by offering:

  • Workshops covering graduate school planning and internship opportunities
  • Counseling for self-assessment and career exploration
  • Hands-on advice on resume and cover letter writing and job interview skills
  • Resources for career planning and job searches

All of the counseling services and resources provided by the Center are also available to Knox alumni. The office also handles requests for credential files.

 Bastian Family Career Center

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