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Academic Planning and Advising

Support in formulating your educational plans

Academic AdvisingYour education at Knox will contain three common elements: an educational plan that you design, a selection of courses that ensures a broad foundation in the liberal arts, and a chance to apply what you learn.

Partnering on a plan
Freedom to flourish
begins with taking ownership of your education. From your first day on campus, you and your faculty advisor will work closely together in selecting your classes. Together, you'll identify and refine your educational goals and create a personal educational plan to achieve those goals.

Building a foundation
A liberal arts education is based on the idea that you will be a more effective teacher, doctor, artist, lawyer, entrepreneur-whatever you want to be-if your understanding of that field is informed by a broader understanding of the world around you. Therefore, in addition to your major, your educational plan will include a second major, a minor, or a combination of courses from different disciplines.

As a liberally educated person, you must also be able to write clearly, speak persuasively, understand and use mathematical concepts, have a working knowledge of a second language, use information technology effectively, and function effectively with persons from a wide range of backgrounds.

Putting it to work
As you implement your personal educational plan, you'll apply your skills and talents to real world situations through "experiential learning" opportunities. These might include an independent research project, a major creative work, collaborating with one of your professors, engaging in off-campus study or internship. You might also participate in service activities sponsored by campus or community organizations.

Once again, what you choose to do will depend on your educational plan, and documentation of your achievements will go into your portfolio.

For a more in-depth outline of your academic career and the guideposts of your education, visit our Academic Knox section.

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