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Resources for Learning

Getting the support you need to navigate the academic world

Resources for LearningYes, the goal of the Knox curriculum is to encourage you to be an independent thinker, following your own path. But just because we give you freedom to flourish doesn't mean you're all on your own!

We provide guidance and support to help you navigate the academic world and succeed in your studies, even as we encourage your increasing independence.

It all starts with academic planning and advising, as your faculty advisor helps you develop and follow your own self-designed educational plan.

Along the way, our educational centers foster your academic and personal success in areas such as global studies, intercultural life, community service, career development, writing instruction and peer tutorials, and undergraduate research. Initiatives such as the TRIO Achievement Program can support you in achieving academic excellence.

Knox is a leader in promoting top-notch undergraduate research, annually awarding more than $250,000 in student research grants to support research and creative projects. For example, a Richter Fellowship might provide the funds for travel, equipment, and supplies necessary to carry out your research, and the Ford Fellowship Program selects juniors for full-time research support during the summer prior to their senior year.

And our library and technology resources -- plus the support you'll receive from the people who run them -- enable you to explore new ideas, master new skills, and, in a word, flourish.

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